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  1. and "Mosey Mom" for what its worth (taking into consideration bodies work differently) i was 150 lbs 6 feet tall wen I took accutane. My dosage was 40mgs the first 2 months, then I made my derm up it to 80 for the rest of the time to get all the acne out of me. Don't think deeply into the "horrible things" accutane causes. What it mostly causes is depression and anxiety because you're going thru the worst break outs ever. I even received a gram negative infection on my face with all the bac
  2. It's good your son is breaking out bad....the worse the better imo......I went to Rush Dermatology in Chicago (one of the best in IL) and my derm said I was the 2nd worst patient he's ever had out of hundreds (embarrassing yea)......During my Accutane duration, i broke out baddddd twice (1 month after taking it, then 3 months after, not to mention other weird things).......for the last 2 years later my face is clear! it's quite unbelievable.......the worse the break outs the better it is in the
  3. "Mind your own business, I don't tell you that you're annoying as hell"......and yess i have said that to someone before and then they responded with "woah someone is having a bad day" to which I responded, "it sounds like now you're trying to backtrack your previously rude statement"..........proceed in awkward stare and tension but the key is to stare them directly in the eye until they look away haha
  4. I really suggest ya should do Accutane...NEWS FLASH.......people who do accutane reach a point where they don't care about side effects...........like fuck! if accutane takes 10 fucking years off my life, who cares???! atleast 7 of those years I'd be hibernating in my room hating life anyways **this is what people should be warning u**......accutane is potent as hell....duhhh.....and it will make u break out bad, and i mean bad.......when i upped my dosage from 60 to 80 mgs 2 months after I sta
  5. please read my post "first and last post ever, plz read" hopefully it inspires you to try accutane...i remember wut it was like to take off my shirt wakin up with blood on my White T's
  6. Hey everybody, my name is Mike. Sorry If I'm posin in the wrong section. Hopefully what I'm about to say is inspiring to some of you. I suffered from severe cystic acne from ages 14-20. I'd cry my eyes out 24/7, been on every acne cream, pill, and I've been to over 5 different dermatologists. At age 19 I reached my breaking point, severe depression from fucking acne! I'd cry all day everyday, not just sob but ball my eyes out......that's right 19 year old male crying 24/7. I decided to go