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  1. It's been 11months since I have taken accutane. Initially I was relapsing for the first 6 months post accutane, but I bought the exposed kit and its been working so far. I never thought my skin would be good on topical medications, but it is. For all y'all out there struggling, I say try the exposed system for a good 20 weeks before you hit the hard stuff(accutane).
  2. glad to hear im not the only person on 20mg. im 17 too and 6'2" and 85kg and ive been on the tane for almost a full 7 months. the results are better than i couldve asked for so far. i wish i couldve been on a higher dosage, but hey if this low dose course gives me remission im happy. ill try to be on it for nine months too. keep us updated.
  3. sorry for the lag, i got it for 80 bucks, 30 pills of 20mg. the first month or two id get dry skin in the back of my hands and arms. i kinda liked it tho. its not something to get worried about. are you on 20mg also? my derm told me the highest they prescribe in mex is 20mg, so im kinda stuck taking that dose. i say go back and buy some more! ive been on it for 6.5 months and its proven to have some good results so far, i still have like 2 zits on my arms and a ton of scarring, but other than th
  4. Sanchoroo


    its great to hear you have started. be sure to use a sunblock errday! how long did it take from the time you visited your derm to actually getting the Accutane itself?
  5. *cetaphil oil control moisturizer*, my bad
  6. @Omie: i use cetaphil oily skin moisturizer. i use it just because, my skin isnt dry or oily on 20mg, its normalish. @Catlover2012: i dont know how much longer ill stay on it. it really is my dads choice of how much longer he wants to pay. i havent talked to the mex. derm since 6 months ago, i just pick up the tane every month. my dad pays about 80 bucks for 30 pills of 20mg. i really should be on something like 80-120mg/day to get some type of remission. oh how i wish derms here in the U.S.
  7. i have been on it for 6.5 months so far. the first derm i went to in august wanted me to take doxycycline again and three weeks later i had enough of it all. im seeing a different derm next tuesday and i really want to get on a full strength course of it. idk if my health insurance covers it tho. i have "healthy families"
  8. It has been a beautiful two weeks. i recently have been for the most part clear!!! Yeah son!! anywho, im only on 20mg and have been on it for 6.5 months. seriously life changing. i wish my skin can stay like this forever. i had chronic cystic acne for the longest time ever, and i was fed up with it. i couldnt even lay down without feeling pain on my back or chest. my only worries are that it'll come back. so, im going to see another dermatologist next week, i really hope i can get the tane presc
  9. dont expect too much on such a low dose, ive been on 20mg/day since september 18,2012 and only recently my skin been cyst free. for me, i was at my worst when i started, the derm(dickwad) i went to here in the U.S. wanted to wait 3 months before even talking about tane, so he put me on half the dose of doxycycline i was on before at my docs. i broke out super badly within a week and i couldnt take the inflammation,pain, redness, and embarrassment after 3 weeks. what a way to start senior year of
  10. dont waste time with other meds if you have been on all the anitbiotics, its not worth getting more scarring because you couldnt make up your mind. go for the tane!
  11. your story is scary similar to mine. i hope i can get over acne without needing any drugs or antibiotics in the future too!
  12. Sanchoroo

    Day 34

    i agree acne isnt permanent, it just feels permanent when your face is really bad. all it really takes is to find a good derm that will prescribe the right stuff and time. i use same moisturizer btw, good stuff.
  13. Sanchoroo

    Day 20

    use shampoos with stuff like olive oil and avocado. they add moisture to your hair and scalp so it isnt too dry.
  14. i have the same worries too! i see my derm on april 9. im worried im gonna get the same stupid anitbiotics i always get, im tired of them, all they do is give me a stomach ache.