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  1. polka you know more than anyone that i have the same worries going through my head everyday of my life. im holding on to this false hope that one day i will feel better about my appearence, or as far as my skin goes atleast and im really kidding myself... we all know that acne WILL be over at one point in our life but the sad fact is a lot of us (including me) are left with horrible scars. So saying that it will get better doesnt fly with me. Polka, it really really really really REALLY sucks
  2. check your pm. youll get the rest of this crazy story.....
  3. WHAT THE HELL OUR WE DOING PEOPLE!!!! Im not saying ALL of us are wasting our life but i sure have! For a LONG time..... I remember, it felt like yesterday when i was 17, being sad and depressed because of my acne and i hated life and never attemped to approach any girls because of my appearance and here i am now... 20 yrs old and i STILL act the same. In five months i'll already be 21, and before i know it, i'll be 22! And life is just passing me by. One day ill wake up and realize im alrea
  4. HA! I was just looking at myself in the mirror and it was funny cause i was saying to myself 'damn i look ugly in this view.....but....i...look...pretty good....in..this view!' and i kept looking one way and turning my body and tilting my head in different positions until i found a spot i look good in and i even made facial expression like Mil0 just mentioned... Sometimes i could stare at myself forever...im not saying im goodlooking or anything but im always amazed that THIS is me, you know th
  5. yeah i looked at my redmarks under the light and i see some of them are indented! My cyst that seemed to calm down, wentdown and sunk below my skin level. I never touched them or squeezed them or anything, how come i got an indention?
  6. i think the problem was i put too much on for too long. I dumped it on and went to bed, thinking it was ok. Its almost gone now, the mark i mean, but my skin doesnt match the rest anymore, it looks rougher.
  7. in need to fix ALL the things listed in order to be attractive according to the post and it puzzles me because i find some girls looking at me and i always thought i was hot, but i guess im just scruffy looking and they watch me like a car accident. Im not being sarcastic either, i do look pretty messed up now that i look at my self seriously....thanks for the tips. Especially the posture thing..i hunch over WAY to much!
  8. i got one over my lip, and kinda to the side and the redmark makes me look like Cindy Crawford!....and im a GUY!
  9. Thats a very hard question to answer, is a bad diet bad for your skin. It really is different for everybody. I rememer i was to scared to eat ANYTHING because i thought id breakout, so i pretty much ate nothing but fruit and drank water but guess what? I STILL broke out with acne. But it could have been all the stess i was getting from not being able to eat what i want. Because of the diet i had, i lost a ton of weight, too much weight, soooo.... I also tried eating EVERYTHING i wanted, chips
  10. Hey iron mouse, where both in California! Cool. Anyway, you've only been ONCE! Yeah, i guess thats not such a big deal, they dont do anything anyway. Just pick here, pull there, so stupid...Just remember to brush, floss and as long as you have good enough teeth (not too crooked), you dont really need a dentist....
  11. im twenty with no kisses or dating yet. Im just waiting for that one special girl....ahh who am i kidding! I want a girlfriend so bad, and dont say i dont try cause i do. Its just not happening with me. I need some more pimp in me or something, im too nice girls say. Im always the friend, never the boyfriend....
  12. I always feel all FUCKED UP when i stand up after they're done. I feel so drunk and uncordinated...my hairs all messed up and i mummble everything i say. I dont know, am i the only one that gets this way?