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  1. Idigorush, with all the respect that you diserve i have some points to discuss with you 1) you was the one that decided to give a try to the medication ( accutane) no one, the doctor or other person put a gun in yor head saying take it, so it was your option 2) i think yo have hypocodria or a little of it 3) you are not a doctor, so you didnt really know whats good or bad 4) this drug may be its not for you, may be yo have some intolerance to isotretinoin and that was not fault of the
  2. Comtinur!!!!! Be patient!! You can!!! Best wishes!!!! The red marks arent so bad !!! Some chemical peel and you are!!!! Teni la real caga en la cara compare!!
  3. Saw buckthorn slashes sebum production by 45% The first study was done by researchers at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. They studied the effect of 1% sea buckthorn cream extract cream on sebum production. In this study they used 10 male volunteers aged between 20 and 35 years, and gave each participant either the treatment cream or a placebo cream that didn’t contain the plant extract. Basically they made the treatment cream by first making a ‘vehicle base’ (that takes the a
  4. Hi alternativista! you have the most power and confiable information on acne, and i research on your posts and topics and you didn`t said nothing about masturbation and wet dreams, what its your point of view on the relation btw acne and masturbation or wet dreams?? is there a connection?? thanks!!!! you are amazing!!!
  5. Jamie o! Its ok bro!! I think exact like you! I didnt undetstand some grammar in the frace! But its ok ! Dont worry!! Lets give all the support to this guy!!! Thaks for your answer!!
  6. jaimie o what do you mean?? First of all ignore any immature personal who has a go at you, whether it is for acne or something else, they're just pathetic and not worth your time. good luck mate!!
  7. sanlosang why your skin is oily, bro accutane dry the skin!! man be patient may be you will have a big initial break out in the first and second month!!! go on!!! are you having headaches??? come on there is no more good feeling that having a clear skin!!!! come on bro!!! you can rome wasnt build in 1 week
  8. Go on bro!! Be patient! Do all what your doctor said! And relax Life is good, i got a terrible initial break out, men the worst of my life, but something that help was eating whole nature food, put some benzoil peroxide in the big spots and in the night splash water in your face with cold water! Good luck! From chile!
  9. Hi you know someone that use praventac?? I am interested! It will help with oily skin?
  10. Alternavista i think you need to write a book! With all the contributions that you made! Congratulations!!
  11. First of all i want to thanks you alternativista, about your spectacular outstanding and good information to help the people with this illness call acne, you are amazing!! My question is! How can i get rid or control my oily skin with some tiny spots but horrible oily skin! Like things to eat! Vitamins and suplements only focusing in the oily skin! ?! And a particular question is good vitamin A for oil control?! Is like accutane?! And what you know about lactoferrin?! Thanks!! Alternati