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  1. Hi y'all! I am on day 34 and have some new developments from the last couple of weeks. I now have muscle soreness for very minimal amounts of exercise. I worked out for 20 minutes yesterday and today I feel like I ran a marathon! I also have achy joints and some weird back pain going on- it feels more like a piercing pain in the middle of my spine. In addition, I have had 2 8-hr migraine headaches over the last 2 weeks that did not respond to water or ibuprofen. I left work early yesterday
  2. Okay, so i have been on accutane for 22 days and felt great for the most part. My skin and lips are still dry and I am applying lotion multiple times per day. In addition, my skin seems to require more exfoliation than usual- if I dont do it I look like a mess when I go out. However, I am not wearing make-up at all these days and my face has a nice shiny glow. I am extremely sensitive to light. Just riding in the car on a sunny day gave me a sunburn. I am going to need to get a more face frie
  3. New development! I have started to get nose bleeds, which I assume is from dry skin inside my nose. My least favorite side effect so far. Other than that, same as yesterday, with dry lips and skin, but generally feeling well!
  4. Thanks so much for the information- I will try to separate my accutane intake times a bit more, perhaps waking up early in the morning to take them and then going back to sleep. My face started peeling around Day 10 around the mouth and forehead. I think it was a combination of my skin drying out and the sunburn I got from walking outside this weekend.
  5. So, day 5-16 were interesting. I no longer feel anxious and can sleep at night, which is quite a relief. I just make sure to take the 2nd dose of accutane before 3pm, Does anyone know how much time you are supposed to keep between doses? In other news, my skin is SERIOUSLY DRYING UP. This is great for acne treatment, but truly itchy and even a bit painful. My face is peeling and my lips are extremely dry. I cannot go anywhere without lip balm and lotion my skin about 5-6 times a day My
  6. I know how expensive it can be fore some of people. For those thinking about it or new to it, shop around with a bunch of different insurance carriers and find the right one for this condition.
  7. I had terrible cramping and indigestion for the first 2 days and then it went away...May have been a coincidence, but I attributed it to the accutane as well. Not sure what to do about the itchy scalp, but I definitely lotion your skin, use SPF and stay out of the sun
  8. I wanted to give a little note about insurance. I pay $200 per month in insurance, which is a little pricey. However, I only pay $10 for my Accutane prescription and $20 for each derm visit. I have Cigna Premium, which is more comprehensive than others, but I really think it is worth it. Accutane is really expensive!
  9. Day 5 So, day 5...I finally got a full nights sleep by stepping down my dosage, taking only 1 pill a day. I checked with the doc and he said it was alright to do and just slowly add more mgs per day. I hadnt really slept all week, so this was great. So far, so good. My lips are really dry so I am using Burts Bees. My skin is starting to get a little itchy, but not severely dry as of yet. The acne I currently have is starting to go away- notable in particular bc of one cystic acne nodule that ha
  10. Me too! My skin is already showing signs of improvement. This definitely works. Acne scars are the worst- I plan to get a chemical peel after I finish accutane, but wanted to address the longterm and underlying issues first. Glad to have you following! Thanks for adding pics Jenney! I will add mine so that people can see the progress
  11. I just started it and had a very sleepless night last night along with some anxiety. I am not feeling emotionally anxious, but my body has that fight or flight feeling of the autonomic (?) system kicking in. I did some serious exercise two days ago and avoided caffeine and slept well then, so may be we just have to counteract this additional surge of energy.
  12. I just started taking Accutane. My doctor placed me on it because I have chronic, cystic, scarring acne that has not responded to differin, clyndamyacin, and regular treatment regimens. I wish I had done this in high school, before turning 30, before scarring, but I have faith that my skin will recover nicely in time. This blog will primarily focus on my physiological, mental, and emotional response to this drug. I am somewhat nervous about the side effects, so I think tracking them may help me