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  1. I am currently on accutane and I use Cerave lotion. I used to use generic cetaphil lotion but it was just so greasy. It didn't break me out though. But, cetaphil cleansers DID break me out. What are you using as a cleanser? I use clean and clear sensitive wash. I would recommend that or aveeno moisturizing bar. I really just don't like cetaphil stuff! Have you talked to your derm about your face not getting better? Maybe a different dosage would help... but it's only month 3, so there is still
  2. So, I haven't updated my log in a while because nothing has really happened. I restarted accutane after a four-ish day break because of stomach pains. They haven't come back since I restarted it, thankfully. Anyways... Everything is clearing SLOWLY. My face looks pretty decent but my chest and back are going to slow. I am very impatient!!! SO....I did something that is really not a good idea on accutane. I bought a 20% salicylic acid peel and used it on my chest.....3 DAYS IN A ROW. I was so sic
  3. I've had acne on my chest and back since I was 12 (I'm 21 now) and I'm sure no one knows I have it because I NEVER wear shirts that would show it. Don't even remember the last time I wore a swimsuit! Sometimes I wonder if people wonder why I never wear lower cut shirts...but no one has ever said anything.
  4. First of all, if you have other symptoms (other than acne) pointing to a hormonal issue, I would recommend seeing a doctor who can properly diagnose you with something. As far as Saw Palmetto goes, I was so excited to start it. I took it for about one week. After about 3 days, I had never looked so terrible! I was completely shocked! My face and chest broke out into what seemed like millions of small bumps. It could have been the initial break out, but it definitely wasn't worth it. It took a wh
  5. Don't we all. I was sick of smothering on benzoyl peroxide, using all these special washes, and coming to this site for a "cure" practically every day. So, I decided to go on accutane 2 weeks ago and I'm dealing with the "not worth it" side effects....It might be back to the drawing board for me! : /
  6. Day 14. So, I have bad news. I took this medicine as directed for two weeks. For the last three days I have had an incredibly painful and unpleasant stomach ache. I have been miserable. No puking or the watery poo (thank the lord!). I am one of those people who NEVER get stomach aches. Seriously, I don't remember the last time I had one. I didn't eat anything different, the rest of my family is fine, which makes me think this is not food poisoning or a stomach sickness. Unfortunately, the only t
  7. I feel like I'm posting on every thread because I have tried everything! Lol. I have used hydrogen peroxide on my chest and it does clear it up a bit but it takes a while for it to work. I don't think I have tried it on my face. I did read something about it doing some weird thing to the skin like making it thin and unable to heal properly, but who knows if that's true.
  8. I'm pretty sure they have exactly the same ingredients. One time I looked at both bottles in the store reading the ingredients (yes, I was standing there for quite a while) and they were the same. Maybe they have changed it now though... anyway, I use the clean and clear one (although purpose works the same). The clean and clear one is more for a better price and they are made by the same company, I believe! Oh, and just for the record.... I HATE cetaphil cleanser. Breaks me out!
  9. Day 11: Nothing new, really. I have a weird rash on my hand that's been there almost the whole time, but I forgot to mention it. My face is the same, chest is smoother. That is all really! I probably won't update until something new happens!
  10. Day 9! For the last two days I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I should continue this medicine. I don't know why the hell I've been reading every single horror story, but I have. It's driving me crazy!! My current worries are: permanent hairloss, blindness (yes, the medication paper says that could happen!), psychosis, and permanent joint damage. Ahh!! Is it worth the risk?!?! I will at least stick out the whole first month and see how I feel at my next derm appointment. An
  11. Day 8.... After my little freak out last night, I'm not feeling much better. I emailed my doctor about the back pain and he said lower back pain is common and to try Aleve. Well, I have all over back pain....So, I'm not sure if that's any different to him. The pain is gone for now, but I'm sure it will come later in the day. I also have two sore spots on my scalp, but that's probably because it's so dry. Last night I layed in bed thinking about what this drug is doing to my joints and liver....
  12. I am not so sure I want to continue this medication! I don't know why, but I was sucked into reading the horror stories all over the internet about hair loss and permanent joint pain. My back is KILLING me and it hurts to move and laugh. I have always had slight back pain because I have scoliosis, but this is unbelievable!!!!! Pain reliever only helps for like an hour. I don't want to be permanently ruined from this med.... Why am I so scared all of the sudden?!?! Many people live perfectly norm
  13. DAY 7!!! One week down! Yay!! Felt like a piece of doodoo last night. My back and my stomach hurt, but I don't think it was related to my treatment because now it's gone and I feel fine. My lips are getting quite dry and my poor little scalp is itchy and dry. I had to buy some head and shoulders. I think my scalp is so dry already because I dye my hair too much. My face looks pretty good (knock on wood). I don't have anything active on my face right now! Chest, back and shoulders look pretty mu
  14. I am almost at a week on my journey. I, too, am very worried about the initial breakout as I have never had severe acne. So far it's going well and I hope it stays that way!
  15. I am on day 6 and I am starting to notice dryness on my lips, face, and scalp. Of course everyone is different, but I think around a week is common to see dryness.