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  1. I have now been 99% clear for three months! I had tried benzol peroxide many times before but had never stuck with it longer than a month due to severe dry skin and breakouts. This time I decided to give it a good go and it worked! Before this I had tried everything from antibiotics to Accutane a number of times, none had worked for long if at all. Please note that I have had acne for over 10 years and it has been a constant battle, I am not a young teen that has the odd breakout and finally
  2. Last year I went through a break up and I was so upset I couldnt eat for 3 weeks! During that time my skin cleared up and I actually had a lot of energy. Now obviously I can't just not eat for 3 weeks again but instead im going to come up with my own plan that consists of juicing, soup and fasting for the next 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks I will slowly introduce foods like fish, salads etc. My diet currently consists of a lot of junk and sugar so this is a big change for me. I will let yo
  3. I get cysts that last weeks and fill up with puss every day! The only way they go away is if I squeeze every day and then I get a deep scar months later when its finally healed. Who else gets these cysts? Have you found anyway to stop the process and clear them up quicker? I use BP on them but this only dries up the top, it never clears up what's deep down.
  4. I see lots of concerned people on here after weeks of being on the regimen. I am going into week 11 and have had enough to be honest! I still get breakouts daily and cysts and the dry skin from BP. Just wanted to report my experience for others. Fingers crossed I start to clear soon.....
  5. I have skin similar to you and are only in my early 20's and still have acne as well! I feel like a monster as well and some times cry on a daily basis. Unfortunately we will never have perfect skin . I am also doing derma rolling and hoping that will improve, apparently it doesn't help much with the big pores though.
  6. I am on about week 5 and still breaking out around my chin quite bad. The BP clears them up quickly but everyday I have new ones. I am going to stick with it, it's not nice a all!
  7. I would love to add in fruit, potato, rice etc. but I have a Candida overgrowth so trying to avoid all sugar even natural sugar for now. Let me know how you get on, sounds like its working.
  8. Yes paleo I guess but I am not eating any fruit either. I would be far too hungry if I didn't eat meat or not much!
  9. Thanks for the feedback regarding your diet changes. I changed my diet only 3 days ago but mine is not low fat. I am high fat but good fats like avocado, nuts and olive oil. Have cut all sugar (including natural sugars like fruit), starch and dairy. Just eating lots of veges, meat and some nuts. It's a struggle so far and I have had the worst withdrawal symptoms coming off the sugar and carbs! Will be interesting to see how my changes go.
  10. I find if I don't pop a big cyst then it doesn't go away or comes back, however popping them normally causes some sort of scarring for me. I think I would still get scarring even if I didn't pop but maybe not as bad.
  11. I'm on week 4 and still breaking out . I hav noticed the acne has changed though. I was getting bad cysts but now no cysts, it also drys up the acne faster. My skin is very very dry even though I am moisturising. I am sticking with it but I want to give up nearly everyday!
  12. Yes my skin is very very dry from BP, it's probably making scars and wrinkles show up more. I am desperate to clear my acne to commence scar treatment so am going down the BP road. I have taken many antibiotics, accutane etc. and it always comes back. I am currently trying to find the root of the problem but thought I would use BP as I have to try something for now. I have used Retin A before and it didn't help. Thanks for you help and advice. I have been following your progress with the roll
  13. Can anyone help with what scars I have?
  14. Hi, are these rolling scars? They were hard to capture but in daylight I think they are worse, I tried to get them under the bright light. Got some up close. I do have some active acne still which had been going down with BP, this also explains the dry patches. I also ave very enlarged pores so not sure some of the scarring is enlarged pores? The scar under my eye is from an accident, this doesn't bother me at all. I should mention I have tried microdermabrasion (so many I can't count), glyc
  15. I feel the same way! I always think how unfair it is to have scars and as I am still battling acne as well this makes it worse. I have never talked to anyone about it as I am so embarrassed. I also cover up with make up and hide my face, I think I have developed a social phobia as I fear people are staring at my bad skin so I prefer to stay home. I have been with my partner for 3 years and he has never mentioned it. Once a child said my skin was all uneven and not smooth lol, kids tell the truth