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  1. 4 and a half months into my cycle now, however i am quite worried, for the past month ive been feeling very up and down very angry and upset at times and happy at others, to the point where i harmed myself yesterday. as far as i can recall i smashed a cup onto the floor and squeezed the pieces in my hands. i cant remember doing this though. i was told moods like this is quite rare on accutane and that maybe it could be a personal problem, i have an appointment wwith the doctor tomorrow and i am
  2. Not for another 4 weeks but this is my 2nd month on 40mg and I've been fine up to now hmm maybe I should phone my derm to see what she thinks? And yay love finding others from the uk
  3. For the past week I have been very emotional, irritated and angry I have also been aching my knees back etc, not sure if this is due to the tablets or not but I have been really down and distracted not sure what to do really
  4. one thing that annoys me so much is when someone is sat there complaining and saying their life is over because they have ONE spot... one... really? try being in our shoes!
  5. the scaring gets me down, i dot have the ice pick scars or the holes i jut have red angry patches where spots have been in the past my derm said theres nothing that can be done for scaring though that itll fade eventually mm, how annoying!
  6. Before Accutane 4 months into my course the last picture is the most recent, lucky i still have the 1st ones as i delete all the ones where my skin looks bad ha!
  7. The confidence situation is the exact same for mine, people think having acne is just life for teenagers not realising how it has effected you inside, has being on roacutane helped with the confidence in anyway?
  8. oo have you finished your course now? and i will put some pictures up before and now x
  9. so im on my fourth month now, still on 40mg, however my cysts that have been there for a good 6 months havent budged one bit... and still having bad skin days where it looks just as bad as it did before. i am also very scarred what is not helping as my skin looks no different than before i feel but people have commented on how good its looking if its now what they want will they extend my course a few more months?
  10. so i havent wrote on here for a few months as i felt like i didnt have anything to update, however thinking back i have alot im now 3 months into my treatment, i still have spots and im still getting spots, on my cheeks where i never got any there before. i have a cyst that has been there about 6 months, its still fighting strong... it has halved in size though. The derm started me off on 20MG to begin with to, within the 1st few weeks i seen a big difference, when i went back they wer
  11. Day 15 so after a few days of hating accutane and thinking it was completely pointless as my skin was really bad. my IB has finally gone! i now have one cyst on my chin and a few lumps and bumps that im hoping arent permement, lips are not so much dry but very irritated and feel tight and sore, skin has started to flake around my nose, also had the lovely experience of having to put vasaliene up my nose the other night... felt awful! i also have been feeling very down the past few weeks bu
  12. day 10 now! broke out so bad this morning and in so much pain, can anyone recommend anything i can put on my face to stop the pain? im too scared to use any BP products or anything
  13. i know what you mean about difference in the acne, mines not any worse than usual but its very red and my makeup just slides off any pots hmm strange, glad its working out for you! on my face im using a simple cleanser, and just a nevea moisturiser for sensitive skin going pretty well, ive learnt not to scrub at my face though! yay! its harder to find people in the uk! are you also on the drug?