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  1. One yr on the regimen in Feb, and I'm 100% clear and have been for the past 6-7 months.
  2. your welcome.... well there are alot of variations of dan's regimen, but I just do the one dan designed. 1. gentle cleanser 2. Dan's bp gel (best one) 3. moisterize that's all I do. no need to add anything else but definatley do what Brandy suggests. she knows her stuff.. BTW..Brandy..kept up the good work.
  3. i know exactly how you feel zerothyme..I used to constantly get cystic acne on my chin also before the regimen.. Definately give Dan's regimen a try. I started Dan's regimen again in Feb 06 and it cleared me up quick but on my 4th month or so, I broke out with 9 cystic acne at the same time. 5 of them were on my chin. i was so depressed cuz my chin looked deformed.. well i cleared up about a month later and have been 100% clear since. I have not had any cystic acne since then.. Give Dan's
  4. the questions is not why you should trust Dan? its what are the risks and benefits of the products? or the regimen? Risks 1. might not work 2. dry skin for a bit 3. little redness Benefits 1. might work 2. clear skin 3. clear skin = boost of confidence 4. more confidence = more dates 5. more dates = better sex life 6. better sex life = happiness Now to me it was a no brainer. the benefits out weighted the risks. now, it's up to you.
  5. no..i keep it simple. cleanse, bp, and moisterize.. nothing else..
  6. How about you try doing Dan's regimen exactly how he designed it. Just 3 simple steps. Trust me it works...
  7. I've been on the regimen since Feb 06 and have been 100% clear since April. It's been a miracle for me..
  8. just hang in there bro...when I first started, my acne got worse also. after a month or so I cleared up pretty good but on my 4th month, I broke out with 9 cyst like acne at the same time that lasted for about 2 wks. I was so embarrassed I didn't want to go out anywhere. that really sucked but I still stuck with the regimen. I've cleared up since. I've been on the regimen since Feb of 2006 and have been 100% clear for several months now. my advice is just keep things simple. do the regimen
  9. before the regimen, I consistently had maybe 8-9 whiteheads at a time and sometime 2-3 cysts like acne. And they were usually in groups. Sometimes my chin looked deformed. It was depressing. On my third month or so on the regimen, I broke out with 9 cysts like acne all over my face but since they cleared, I haven't had acne since. Just stay consistent with the regimen and keep it simple.
  10. I'm 100% clear. I've been on the regimen since Feb and have been 100% clear for the past 3-4 months.
  11. Just stick with it. It just takes some patience. I cleared up fairly quick but on my 3rd month, I broke out with 9 cysts like acne all over my face. It was depressing. A month later I cleared up again and have been 100% clear since. I've been on the regimen since Feb '06.
  12. I know how you feel sugars. I broke out with 9 cysts like acne like yours on my 3rd month. It was bad. My chin looked deformed. Now almost 6 months in the regimen, I am 100% clear and have not broke out at all in almost 2 months. Just stick with it and stay consistent.
  13. definately get on and stay on the regimen. I too tried the regimen back in 2003 and had great success but for some reason I stopped doing. I guess cuz it was too time consuming for me. well up until feb. of this yr, i was constantly breaking out. it was really depressing. I finally decided to get back on the regimen. I cleared up in a month or so. I did have flakiness and redness in the beginning but that went away. On my third month, i broke out with 9 cysts like acne all over my face bu
  14. Dear CVS, Dan's bp truly is an amazing product. It has changed alot of peoples lives around the world including mine. This product is 100 times better than any bp product you currently have on your shelf. This product is so amazing that people from around the world have it imported because it's only available online. Now by carrying Dan's gel, not only will you be helping thousands of people around the world by exposing Acne.org where they can get coaching on how to use it properly, but
  15. have you ever noticed, at club or somewhere, a fat and butt ugly guy with a drop dead gorgeous girl? have you every watched him? have you ever thought to yourself, "what does that dick have that I don't?". well i have and after watching him i figured it out. that dude had the right attitude and hell of alot of confidence. he had the i don't give a shit attitude. alot of women like men that carry themselves well and have confidence. I recommend to reading some self-help books. Develop some
  16. i've never had an anxiety attack before but my mother has. she gets them sometimes when she's out by herself. I recommended to her that when that happens to take a few deep breaths and to program her mind by telling herself she's alright and that nothing is wrong. she's mentioned to me that this method has worked for her. as for doing presentations, the majority of people have the fear of public speak. unfortunately the only way to get over that is by doing more of it. try taking a few d
  17. ihaveabu, you have taken the first and the hardest step which is the decision to change. most people won't take that step. if nothing changes, nothing changes. check out the my post in this thread to see what has helped boost my confidence http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=97340
  18. the fastest way to boost your confidence is to dress up nicely before go out. dress to impress. i've noticed that when I don't dress up, i don't feel as confident. next when you're out, walk with your chin up, shoulders squared, and walk at a little faster pace that normal. walk with confidence. if you act confident, you will eventualy become confident. noone wants to be around someones that has a low self-image. another thing that boosted my confidence is when i joined a gym and got in s
  19. well i don't know about the 1st and 3rd products, but i'm guessing the bp might be alittle strong. is there a reason why ur using a 5% bp gel?
  20. dude...aren't you the one that kept adding crap to the regimen? that's probably the why it never started working. that and the fact that you didn't give it enough time. around the 2 wk mark I broke out bad with like 9 cyst like acne. my chin look deformed and i looked like i had a horn between my eyes. lol.. i stayed consistent and 4 months later i'm 100% clear. my suggestion is to stick with it for at least 3 months. if not, good luck with whatever you try.
  21. WOW...those are some amazing results. you're looking great.