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  1. Yep, that's pretty much the same thing that I discovered. Coincidentally, Traditional Chinese Medicine's recommended ejaculation frequency for healthy males in their 20s is 2-3 times a week. That's not the only cause for all my acne, though.
  2. Day 19 was the last one for me as I masturbated last night. I only did it because I had a panick attack and it was 3 in the morning; my heart was pounding and I was in a mental and emotional agony. Sexual distraction is the only thing that works for me in these situations, so I had to resort to it. Either way, I didn't find anything new during this experiment - ejaculation does contribute to acne, especially cysts on the jawline, for me. I'm 100 % sure now. Please see the attachement to unders
  3. I always have my coffee black, I like the bitter nutty taste. Seems like I'll have to say goodbye to it, though. I believe that my body is just too sensitive to caffeine. There were times when I couldn't sleep because I had green tea too late in the day.
  4. Today I can finally say that YES, coffee absolutely has a very strong effect on me. I had 2 cups of coffee yesterday. I've been avoiding it for months. After the second one I started feeling jittery and shakey. I had the second one around 3 p.m. At 8-9 p.m. I crashed and started having real withdrawal symptoms. Today for the first time in months I got two tight, deep-ish pimples on my cheeks - one on each. I haven't gotten one of those in a looong time. Good to finally know it's a trigger for me
  5. I wouldn't say so. But it does feel tight and looks reddish. I always wake up with great skin - not oily, calm and smooth. By the evening it's patchy and greasy, which makes me think it's diet-related and there's a malabsorbtion of some kind. It couldn't hurt to switch to cold water, though! I have a suspicion that clogged pores/whiteheads are due to something external. I'll let you know how it works for me.
  6. Thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely try this. I got my acne down from severe to mild with lifestyle changes, hope this will clear the rest of it.
  7. Day 17. Had sex twice yesterday. One big but non-cystic breakout on the jawline appeared today. Other than that, I have no new inflammed acne at the moment, except for the old ones that are still healing. This is going really well. Surprisingly, I've had practically no urge to masturbate during this time. I've never gone 17 days without masturbating! I don't watch porn and I don't touch myself. That helps a ton. This may be TMI, but I recently realized that I stopped having morning wood a long
  8. If anxiety is a big issue for you, please watch this video. It's the absolute best I've seen on the topic.
  9. Hi. I've been where you are. I was on a similar diet you're discribing with no positive change in acne. Now I don't believe grains/gluten/dairy/sugar/fat etc. are bad in and of themselves unless you have trouble digesting and utilizing them. I personally find that avoiding certain supposedly "bad" foods does not play a big role in my acne. If you've been on a strict X-free diet for months and don't see any results, please consider that X may not be your problem after all. As snarkygirl suggeste
  10. Day 13. I had sex on days 8, 9 and 11. Had 2 cysts on my jawline, one near my mouth that's rather small but very deep and firm and a small one near my ear. I've had no big pustules since cutting out nuts, which makes me wonder if the pro-inflammatory omega-6s are behind the bigger pustules for me. I'll definitely explore further. Since there is no way in hell I'll refrain from having sex, I'm still considering this a success so far. Will update later.
  11. I started going on dates only in my 20s for the same reasons. I was relatively clear when I met my current partner because of Dan's regimen, but had horrific hyperpigmentation. Surprisingly, it didn't seem to bother my s/o. In fact, he was very happy when I would let him pop my pimples. Weird, I know. Anyway, I believe we have distorted views of ourselves and our skin. Yes, people will sometimes stare at your pimples. But you do it yourself all day every day, why should everyone else just ignor
  12. I've often wondered about it myself. Why stop at childhood, though? Acne runs on my father's side. That side is coincidentally all village people eating tons of dairy from their own cows in all sorts and forms. Might their diet have played a role in my acne? Perhaps. What's interesting is that my grandmother is 81 and enjoys great health for her age, despite all the dairy and, I'll admit it, excessive alcohol. You'd think that if acne was really a manifestation of something gone wrong inside due
  13. Hi! I had light/mild acne as a teenager, mostly comedones. Face started getting a lot worse in my 20s. At around 23/24 on top of that I started getting cysts that I'm still dealing with at 26. So, no, you're not alone. It IS frustrating, we all know that feeling. "This shouldn't be happening". At the moment I'm also using Black african soap (by nubian heritage) twice a day to wash away the sweat, the oil and the concealer. Don't know if it helps acne much, I'm guessing not. Manuka honey seemed
  14. There is a clear connection for me. No, I'm not confusing correlation and causation. No, it's not just a placebo. No, it clearly won't help every guy out there, just like the paleo diet didn't help me despite helping so many others on this forum. But I have tested it so many times, I have no doubt it is THE cause for my cysts. And how many times do we have to go through "everyone would have acne if X was really the cause"? There is no one cause for acne. We're all different and things affect us
  15. Day 7. No new cysts have appeared. Pustules are also disappearing after cutting out nuts (possibly, too early to tell). Looking pretty clear right now.