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    I love Jesus, family, & makeup. Still on a journey to clear skin, after using the regimen for seven months and great results, I just want something with less chemicals and side effects.

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  1. I've heard of this product for quite a while but haven't actually used it.... today I decided to do a little bit more research on it, and most reviews I read were all good and positive, but I'm wondering if any of you have ever uses it? or know someone who has? I'm really iffy on trying it along with the benzyl peroxide(use it at night only) I was thinking of using mederma both at night and morning, and lay off the BP for a while to see how it works for my skin. (keep in mind I've been on the re
  2. I agree with nicmic62 ^up there. Try incorporating another kind of moisturizer, that might help. Cerave or cetaphil are good ones. Make sure they are oil free and hypoallergenic! Best of luck
  3. I had they same problem, I just switched my moisturizer to cerave and that helped a lot!!
  4. It's a personal microdermabrasion device you can use at home vs having to go to dermatologists/ doctors office and having to pay hundreds even thousands of dollars for sessions
  5. What's that? Thank you (: I'll look into that! Have you heard of the PMD? Do you think that'll work? Yes I have! But I haven't given it a shot. I think I'll try it! It's supposed to fade them right? Did you apply sunscreen at all in the morning? Also were you left with scarring? Lol sorry too many questions
  6. I've been on dans regimen ever since May until now which has been five months and a half. I'm somewhat clear. I have no active breakouts/pimples. Only thing that's left pretty much is the scarring and reddish marks. I don't know if you can tell by the pictures but I did use to pick at my pimples back when I wasn't treating it, so it also left dents in my skin. Is there anything out there that could probably help diminish that along with the red marks? Or would it have to be done by laser? Also I
  7. Soo soo happy of the results so far, anyone who's suffered/suffers from acne knows all they want is clear skin. I'm not completely clear but so far it's one of the best feelings ever to not have breakouts/pimples anymore (or as much) I still have scarring & red marks & I'm thinking if ordering the AHA to help with the red marks left behind from pimples I picked out way back when I didn't treat my acne. Have any of you noticed a difference using it vs. when you didn't use it? As for the s
  8. I still have small red marks on my face, hopefully they'll fade soon. Also I have scarring (( does anyone know what's something that will help with that??
  9. My progress on the regimen is going so far so good!! I'm happy that my skin looks way better now then it did before! (Picture will be attached) I'll be going to the beach in two weeks & I'm not sure if its 100% ok if I continue using benzoyl peroxide in the am while I'm there or just pm & just stick to cleanser & moisturizer+ jojoba oil in the am or the whole week!! I don't know so if you have any suggestions I will really appreciate it!! Also is there anything that'll help to reduce
  10. Yes! Thank you! Good luck xo Thanks so much!
  11. Wow your skin looks great!!' Really encourages me to keep on going with it!! I'm just six weeks on the regimen & these flakes are driving me crazy good luck!!
  12. I've been on the regimen for about four weeks 1/2 I have been having flakes like crazy you can esp see it when I have makeup on(& I have to wear it b/c I'm not yet comfortable to be bare faced wherever I go) its like if my skin has this cracked texture eeek. I was just wondering if its fine if I incorporated a gentle exfoliant once a week (to be specific one from Michael Todd true organics the charcoal one) aren't the flakes from dead skin ?? & also if any ladies wear makeup while on the
  13. So I have been on the regimen for a month now!! I just wanted to share with you all how my acne looked before I started & how it looks now! This is the link of how my skin looked before & this is what it looks like as of today