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  1. Hey, I've neglected my blog recently but I felt like absolute sh*t last week... I decided to skip a day just to give my body a break & the next day felt back to myself, so went back on the roaccutane. Only been taking 20mg instead of 30 though because I'm trying to work my way back up gradually without feeling so down like I did last week. I don't really have much to report, other than I definitely won't be drinking again till my course is finished. (I blame the alcohol & roaccutan
  2. Thanks hails... I missed a dose yesterday because I wanted to see if it helped & it did, I feel back to myself today. I know it could be a coincidence and maybe yesterday was an off day, but ill find out today if that's the case. I've never been depressed in my life before so it was kinda scary yesterday to feel as terrible as I was and not have any reason for it. Did your depression go away after a few weeks? I hope you feel better and your skins looking great now. Can't wait till
  3. No lol I've been at work all day.
  4. It does help loads thanks for replying! Im going to keep an eye on it for the next few days & if it doesn't get any better ill give them a call. Thanks again
  5. Ok, today I feel like sh*t! Emotionally & physically. I have flu symptoms, but not to worried about that... But I feel sooooo low! I have absolutely no reason at all to feel the way I do but I feel like I just want to cry! Has anyone else had this feeling? Does it go away or should I stop my course? I don't have an appointment with my derm for another two weeks.
  6. Emma0501

    Day 18!

    Hey! I've not long woke up & another horrible dream I've never had them before so there kinda putting me in a mood during the day lol! I use bare minerals make up but the cetaphil doesn't take off my mascara so I'm using baby wipes around my eyes. Good luck to you too
  7. Emma0501

    Day 18!

    So I had my night out on Saturday... 4 vodka & fresh orange was all I drank and I was fine, sober & no hangover the only thing I should mention is my bones have been aching since! What I would like to know though is have any of you experienced crazy dreams on roaccutane? I had quite a scary one last night & when I googled it, it seems quite common! Do these get better? I've been thinking about it on & off all day and its making me quite anxious about getting to sleep. I k
  8. I think I am too lol... Just not going to go crazy! Good luck to you too & have fun
  9. Emma0501

    Day 11!

    Thanks for your advice
  10. I don't have much to update but thought I'd put some pics up today. My skin remains dry but nothing really bad, I went out on Friday without my lip balm & had to go to a chemist to buy some... They were driving me crazy! (Lesson learned) I'm going out tonight for Halloween, still debating with myself whether to drink or not but whatever I do I'm sure ill update lol! (& yes I am going out with my skin in this state but I don't care, it's Halloween after all lol) Any advice or exp
  11. Emma0501

    Day 11!

    Not much to report other than dry lips & dry face but I seem to have it under control (for now) with my moisturisers. The bleeding gums have stopped (thank god!) & I went to my dentist who prescribed me a fancy toothpaste which coats your teeth in extra fluoride to prevent tooth decay due to dry mouths! I think this has helped my gums to be honest. I've got a big night out for Halloween this weekend.... What do you guys think about drinking on roaccutane? Should I miss a few days o
  12. Hey freemimo... It's probably is the roaccutane, I'm the same never had any dental problems at all. Mine seems to have passed though so hopefully you will be the same. Good luck on ur journey to clear skin
  13. Thanx Londoncat Hopefully it goes sooner rather than later the taste in my mouth is horrible lol
  14. Thanks for your reply Is it just when you are brushing though? Mines randomly started today at work, and nothing was near my mouth.
  15. Has anyone suffered from bleeding gums while on roaccutane? I've never had this problem before and have very good teeth/dental hygiene so my only guess is it is the tablets that's causing it? This is the only new update I have other than in the mornings my breakout looks terrible but by night it looks like its clearing up great! Weird! I've also bought head & shoulders itchy scalp shampoo & my problem seems to be solved For anyone interested, I'm using Clairns day & night m