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  1. Get a fresh lemon and put lemon juice on it. Leave it on for the entire day, and keep doing it till its gone. The juice will help dry it out and kill the infection. Also, get a turmeric powder supplement and take 1-2 grams a day orally. It has very potent anti inflammatory properties and is anti microbial/anti bacterial, it's also great for the immune system. I hope this helps.
  2. Hey Issac, I would recommend drinking some green tea and getting some Vitamin C and E supplements. It's definitely helped with my red and dark spots.
  3. As the other have said make sure you're diluting it first, I usually get a water bottle, and put half ACV and half water in, and use a cotton ball to apply to my face as a toner. As far as drinking add about 2 table spoon to your water bottle. hope that helps.
  4. I recommend to try borage oil as well, its definitely helped cut back the oil on my face.
  5. Green Tea is amazing, 3-4 cups a day for me. Overall it has improved my complexion, i would also recommend using the tea bag and using it as a toner!
  6. I've tried alot of moisturizers for my oily face, none worked =(
  7. I'd look into a combination of Fish Oil/Borage Oil/Flaxseed Oil supplement. Borage oil really helped sooth my overproduction of oil when i was on it. Vitamin B5 didnt really help me but i was only taking 6 grams a day. hope that helps.
  8. My face is quite oily as well, i started regimenting in a face mask 2x a week, consisting of egg white/honey that i leave on for about 20mins. It seems to suck all the grease out. It leaves my face feeling tight and fresh, its been working so far, so i guess ill continue to do it.
  9. I want to eat a beer can!

    1. 777LB


      They're delicious!

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      wait, wasn't it a glass bottle? Haha I meant glass!


  10. I've been using ACV as a toner for months now, never has damaged my skin, its really brightened my complexion.
  11. Where can you get 25000iu capsules?
  12. I really love me some apple cider vinegar! I take 2 tablespoons in the mourning then another 2 tablespoons before bed. Make sure you drink a cup a water with it because ACV adsorbs a lot of toxins in your body, so you need to drink a glass a water to help flush out all of toxins.
  13. Yes, but make sure you dilute ACV first because it is too acidic to apply to your face. What I normally do Is get a normal plastic water bottle you drink out of, pour half ACV and half water. I use it as a toner 2x a day and leave it on all day, I would leave it on if you can stand the smell^^. Hope that helps!
  14. I get it pretty bad when I run or lift. I find that a good pre-wash before you workout helps eliminate alot of the oil build up. I use Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in water, its been working wonders!