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  1. Hi all, Help me make my decision ! Also if you have any other recommendations for TCA stockists please post them here !
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering how I can find out the shipping prices on loganwoodskincare ? If anyone has ordered from them, can you please let me know. I cannot find any shipping information on their website. I am located in Australia. Thanks.
  3. Hi can somebody help me ? I went onto Julie's website but I can't seem to located 50% or 100% TCA ? Also how much are 50% and 100% strengths ? Thankyou in advance.
  4. The thing that is worrying me is that they probably have increased in number. I have never noticed them (much) before, but lately i notice them ALL THE TIME.
  5. Oh dear - are they are sign of worsening vision ? They aren't problematic for me but sometimes it looks like bugs are flying across my eyes and it feels weird.
  6. Hi everyone, I don't know if this is because of the accutane but I have black specks in my vision now. It's hard to explain but its like black dots in your vision and they kind of move around. If you've ever had a migraine and had visual disturbance before it then you'll know what im talking about !. Help me ? Is this because of accutane ?
  7. I listened to Goldfrapp actually, not really my cuppa tea. I will check out those bands you mentioned. Thanks !. Any other suggestions are welcome !
  8. Hey can any of you guys recommend me some cool british music ? Bands from the Uk that I like : Oasis, Franz, Bloc Party, The Killers. I'm really open in my musical tastes, but bands like that really get me going. Please I need some new britpoprock !!!!!!. Thanks.
  9. I stopped wearing contacts, my eyes were so much more comfortable afterwards. Anyway, you should go into your local Pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to recommend something.
  10. Hi, Fruit of the Earth, Thursday Plantation and Palmer's Aloe Vera Gel are all available at Priceline stores.
  11. I have a cyst right under my skin on my cheek that's been there fore 6 months. It doesn't hurt, but because its so close to the surface i can see a small yellow patch. Is this a cyst ? and can i get a cortisone injection for this ?
  12. Doesn't AHA do the opposite (dry you skin out ) ? I'm thinking of using an AHA and the last thing i need is OILIER skin.
  13. Aloe Vera Gel is great ! I think it has some moisturizing properties in itself.
  14. You can also email neostrata for samples to try first. Their website is www.hamiltonlabs.com.au Just email them and ask for some samples of the Neostrata range.