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  1. I've had keratosis pilaris on my arms for as long as I remember, but lately my upper arms have been breaking out with a lot of small pimples and overall redness. Is this just the KP getting worse, or am I getting acne in this area now? It's funny because I finally solved my face acne problems; now it's just spreading to other places =/ Here are some pics of my arms: http://imgur.com/a/N9JfK Any help is appreciated
  2. Day 43 It's been a while since I last updated! I've been on 80mg for nearly half a month now, and things seem to be progressing normally. The oil on my nose began coming back before I upped my dosage, but it seems to have mostly gone away now. My face and lips are really dry and flaky now. I'm still getting new pimples on my forehead and jawline, but luckily they're drying out quickly. I have some big dried scabs as a result though Besides that though, I haven't experienced any other side ef
  3. Mate how much do you weigh? And whose putting up your dose? I weigh 73 kilograms, roughly, and I am on 40mg/day. The recommended dosage is between 0.5-1mg/kg/day. The dosage only affects the length of your treatment, once within the previously mentioned range, not the effectiveness of the treatment. I am not saying you can't take 80mg/day, just it's not something you have to do, if you are concerned about the side-effects you might experience on the higher dose. Just thought I would mention this
  4. Day 30 I'm moving from 40mg per day to 80mg starting tomorrow. I'm praying this won't cause too many problems! Seems necessary though given my weight...
  5. Day 28 A few cystic pimples scattered about my forehead, but not much else. I love the way my skin feels right now; it's dry and practically free of oil, but not peeling. Some of my blackheads are starting to fall out now. Awesome! On that note, my nose is starting to get a bit oily again. Time for a dosage increase, perhaps?
  6. Day 26 So today when I was moisturizing my hands, the top of my right hand (opposite the palm) suddenly got really itchy. I started to panic and I noticed that the hair follicles in this area were suddenly really red and sensitive. The itchiness went away, but now I'm left with a bunch of crusty dots. What in the world just happened...I really hope it's just dry skin or something.
  7. Day 24 Nearing a month now into my treatment, and things are looking alright. My skin is oil-free and never feels greasy/dirty anymore, which is nice. My upper lip and chin have begun to flake a bit, but nothing drastic. I'm currently washing and moisturizing my face only once per day at night to minimize irritation. I have some big actives around my eyebrows, but the rest are drying out. As I mentioned, the pores on my nose have shrunk a great deal. All side effects thus far have been minimal
  8. I've stopped washing twice a day as well. My face doesn't get oily at all anymore, so I don't see what good it will do besides dry my face out further.
  9. Yes, they've shrunk a lot since I started. They used to be big indents in the skin, and now it seems like the blackheads are being pushed out from the inside as they smaller. It feels like braille when I rub my finger over my nose, haha. As you can see, it's very gross at this stage. I really really really hope it'll get better soon.
  10. Your acne condition seems really similar to mine. Good luck and I look forward to your updates.
  11. Day 20 It feels awesome to wake up to a face without a single speck of oil on it. I'm still waiting for the superficial improvements, but at least it doesn't feel disgusting on the inside anymore . My nose has changed a lot in the past week or so. My giant pores completely closed, and now they protrude from my skin in a way somewhat akin to a poppyseed bagel =P How many times do you guys wash your face per day? I've reduced it to once per day, and I feel like I'm better off minimizing the
  12. Day 18 Haven't updated in a while! Things are looking better. My face has pretty much stopped producing oil. It's pretty awesome not having to wipe my face down every few hours. My nose is still completely clogged with blackheads, but I can tell that the pores are shrinking. They're almost like raised bumps now; I hope they get squeezed out soon because it looks really gross up close. The rest of my face feels nice. It's dry, but not flaking or peeling. I was expecting worse since I've always
  13. Day 13 I got a random nose bleed yesterday. I can't remember the last time that happened. Another night of bad sleep. I really wish I could just go into hibernation for a few months. On the bright side, no joint pains so my lifting hasn't been affected (knock on wood x 100000)
  14. Day 12 The last few days have been a struggle. I think accutane is affecting my sleeping patterns; I've been waking up 3-4 times per night and it's absolutely killing me during the day. I've also started breaking out.on my forehead and above my upper lip, and my nose is a disaster. I have a nearly dime-sized cyst on the side of my nose; I've had one before in the exact same spot and I had to get it drained in the end. My entire nose is covered in blackheads. Overall, it's horribly red and swo
  15. Day 9 My nose feels pretty terrible. My pimples there have turned into red hardened lumps, which don't look like they'll be going away any time soon. Why am I cursed with these hypertrophic scars.....