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  1. thank you so much,,, i was sure i posted my answer yesterday but something gone wrong because i can't see my post.. anyway thank you so much for suggestions.. yes.. now i'm going to finishing bb cream missha n 27 (available only in USA so it's hard for me to have it again) i think i'll try maybe l'oreal foundation or any simple anti-comedogenic foundation... ... i've got another off topic question..is it normal that afetr 4 day of BP treatment althought i payd attention to don't put it on my eye
  2. Hi Guys!! i have a question for you that certainly are more informed about it than me.... i'm using BP treatment from 3 days and i wear make up every day all day.. so.. are there any side effects using foundation or bb cream?.. what is the most indicated between BBcream like (missha bb cream) or a normal foundation?.. i noticed that when i use bb cream for some hours my face begin to be covered of small pimples... like a little irritation.. maybe BB cream's ingredients are not compatible with
  3. aaah ok.. now it's the second time i use the treatment and i think it's different from cetaphil because is not a real acne treatment.. i think it let the skin go like naturally should do... so if you have some imperfection it will not clean deep as BP do... i don't know if cetaphil that i find in italy is the same of american cetaphil.. is there into this cleanser a BP component??..here in Italy not.. so it's a different treatment.. you could use cetaphil anyway during the treatment ( if hasn't
  4. HI.. i found cetaphil cleanser here in italy in pharmacy and i bought it for try... personally i don't think it works like cleanser because, yes it's delicate on the skin but don't clean very well... i used it for a few days and i noticed that don't dry my skin but my face was not really clean from black points or imperfections. I've got a delicate skin with some imperfections but not a lot and need hydration... this cleanser is not for me... i think there are many others products that work bett
  5. HI!! i'm new on this website.. what about you're treatment? are you going well? Bye
  6. HI! I'm Teresa and i'm 23 I'm from Italy and 2 days ago i bought acne.org treatment for the firts time... now i'm waiting for the shipment...i'm very corious to try it because here in Italy there isn't a real specific acne treatment.. it's difficoult and sometimes impossible to find product with benzoyl peroxide and the dermatologists prefers to prescribe useless products based on thermal water or similar... (maybe they're afraid to take the responsibility for this new treatment) anyway i don't