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  1. Yeah one year and 4 moth ago I took some protein supplements, but not anymore
  2. The redness has started to fade, but the scaring is still horrible.. My doctor Said it would take about 1/2 a year to fade
  3. Ohh forgot to say I take three pills of 20mg per Day, so 60mg in total once a Day.
  4. Hello, As a start I would like to say how loveley this site is, if you're suffering. I have had back and chest acne for about 2,5 years now. I have been going through defferent kind of medication from my doctor, but finally I got sendt to a dermatologist about 3 month ago. He promised me that my acne would go completely away over time, but im confused over how long I have to wait. He told me it could take some month before it would start working, and yes I've startet to see a little differ