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  1. Thanks guys. I know it's not as bad as some but I wake up every morning and I feel disgusting. I wish I could just go out with no makeup on....I feel monstrous. I'm trying to cut down on the dairy..,hopefully it will have some effect. Manuka hasn't really started working yet though.
  2. I'm 25 years old and have lived with acne for many, many years. It's horrendously exhausting, both mentally and physically. The only time I was free of it was during the time I was the contraceptive pill Yasmin, I had to come off of that because it was making my anxiety and depression worse though. I haven't changed anything about my lifestyle and the last week has seen a massive outbreak on the right side of my face...it's really red and inflamed as you can see by the photo. Take note the le
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've ordered some so I'll see how I go...other benzoyl peroxide on the spot treatment might be better.
  4. I'm thinking of purchasing some - it's £22.00 (I'm from the UK) which seems a lot for a 250g pot, however I've heard great things. My acne is moderate I suppose and I'm currently experiencing quite a bad break out. I believe it's hormonal as when I went on the pill two years ago, it cleared up completely. It turned me into a very angry and emotional person though so wasn't very good for my all round well being. Has anyone had any experience with Manuka? Do I just dab it on the spots? I don't
  5. Thanks guys. I just hate living like this, day after day. I'm going to try the diet thing first and using a topical and then if that doesn't help then try a medication. Maybe not accutane though because of my history of depression.
  6. Yeah I think I may need a blood test to check my hormone balance. I'm in the UK so could go private but can't really afford it at the moment.
  7. I might mention spiro but I think I have before and he didn't really follow it through. Would you say, looking at pics that it's really severe?
  8. Pretty awful today, I feel deflated like a balloon. I'm sick and tired of living this way.
  9. Thanks for your reply. I really don't want to go on accutane because I suffer from depression and have heard it can make it worse. I'm not sure what other hormonal treatments are available. I'm thinking of going to my GP tomorrow and asking for something to help - cream or pills. Not accutane though. My diet has been bad over the last few weeks because of Christmas, chocolate, alcohol etc. But surely that can't have caused such a flare up?
  10. I'm almost 25 and my acne is out of control. I can't believe I've suffered so many years of it with no reprieve. Throughout my teenage/young adult life I have suffered. Nothing seems to alleviate it. The one thing that worked was going on the contraceptive pill Yasmin, this turned me into a emotional wreck. I can't live my life like this anymore. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I feel like I want to kill myself, I'm a monster and how could anyone look at me without pure revulsion?
  11. Yeah accutane would probably be a good way to go but I'm toying with the idea of going back on the contraceptive pill as that helped me last time.
  12. Thanks everyone. Does my acne look severe or moderate? I'm considering accutane but my partner and I want to try for a baby next year so might not be the best thing to do. I know you can't go on it if you are preggers or trying. I just really hate living like this, one minute it's ok, then I have an inflamed flare-up for no reason.
  13. This is my neck acne. I have never had it on my neck before but suddenly it's appeared here, on my chin and jawline. I know it's probably hormonal but it's really irritating. Sorry it's not a very flattering photo! Does anyone reckon it's anything to do with wearing a scarf in the winter? I wear one pretty much everyday (I'm from the UK) and probably will have to until at least march.