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  1. Words cannot describe how ridiculous this movie is http://t.co/JqzyxGEu #GetGlue #TheManWithTheIronFists

  2. I need someone to talk to. My face broke out about the 3 weeks ago and in just once week my jaw are was covered in acne, some of it with pus. It just happened suddenly. im already 28, although I did get acne when I was a teenage but never this bad. I was acne free for years and now I hate looking at my face in the mirror. Most of the acne has already dried up but the still the red marks are there and they really a lot. I did not realize that it was this bad not until 1 week ago when I was o
  3. Really good idea "@ABSCBNNews: Guingona files 'crowdsourcing' bill http://t.co/sgyiZ9xt"