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  1. Definitely summer. During the week I stay indoors all day anyway, so I wouldn't be missing a whole lot, but the dryness would have been a lot easier to manage.
  2. Everyone who uses their voice professionally knows that certain things like coffee, smoking, and air conditioning can make you lose your voice a lot faster. What it all boils down to is that a dry mouth is bad for your voice. Recently, I've been really struggling with this. I drink tons of water throughout the day, so that's not the problem. And it's not like it helps anyway. Now, chewing gum all the time can't be good for you, even if it's sugar free. Too much chewing gum can cause stomach p
  3. Congrats on becoming a vegetarian you go, girl! I've been a vegetarian for 9 years now. If you have any questions I'm sure I can help you find some answers so just PM me Btw, spinach is totally overrated. It doesn't even have that much iron.
  4. Rashes on the hands and feet are very common. Mine come and go all the time. If they don't bother you that much, just leave them alone. They'll go away on their own. If they're really itchy and you just can't deal with them, use some hydrocortisone cream. Hydrocortisone isn't good for your skin, it really thins it out, so don't use it unless you have to. Note that the stuff on your hand in the pic you posted doesn't look like a rash at all. It just looks like the skin on your hands is getting fl
  5. Hey man, what exactly is the eye strain/fatigue like?
  6. Tee tree oil just burned my skin, but that's all it did. It may have actually made things worse. Acne isn't just the bacteria, it's the way your skin grows and how much oil it produces. My derm practically laughed at me when I told her I used Tee tree oil lol. Witch hazel did help a little bit, it seemed to make new pimples smaller, but that's about it.
  7. After taking a course of Accutane, there's a 40% chance that you'll get milder acne after some time, but it's easier to manage with stuff like antibiotics or topical retinoids. There's a 20% chance it'll come back bad enough that another course of Accutane may be recommended. The upside is that the success rate of a second course of Accutane is like 80 or 90%. I have a couple questions for you. What was your cumulative dose? Did you always take it with food?
  8. I went to see my derm today. I really like talking to her. When she saw me she said, "Oh, I see you've been taking your medication!" She wrote me a prescription for 40 mg daily. Right now I'm on 30 mg, but she said that sometimes even an extra 10 mg can cause a lot of discomfort and that it would be better to take it slow. She said she can put me on 50 mg if I feel fine after a month on 40 mg. And that makes sense, I think. I'll be starting 40 mg in twelve days. I also had some bloodwork done
  9. Hey, I wanted to let you know that I just did an experiment and mixed some sunflower oil with an equal amount of my shampoo in the shower and washed my hair with that. Sunflower oil is non-comedogenic, so no worries there. I dried my hair as I normally would (with a towel). In the shower and right after drying my hair off I could feel the oil in my hair, but now that my hair has dried completely, it doesn't feel greasy at all! It's just really soft and it looks AMAZING, like cover girl hair amaz
  10. inndem

    Day 42 - Time, Rashes

    Time flies. Even when you're not really having fun. I always wanted a quick fix for acne. No, that's what I expected to find. When my derm told me I might be on Accutane for 5 - 10 months, I had some serious doubts. Ten whole months? Or even five? That seemed like forever. I couldn't possibly wait that long! But you know what? It's already day 42 and I have no idea where all that time went. It's crazy, I tell you. If you're considering Accutane, a couple months is really nothing. Trust me. N
  11. inndem

    Day 79

    Actually, five full months will get you up to 7800 mg. If you weigh 125 lbs or more at the end of your course, you might want to ask your derm to let you stay on Accutane for another 2 weeks to get to a cumulative dose of around 150 mg / kg. But if you weigh 120 lbs at the end of your course, you'll only be 5 days short of 150 mg / kg.
  12. inndem

    Day 79

    Sure thing keep in mind that the cumulative dose is also important. You want to take a total of 125 - 150 mg per kg (in your case that's 7125 - 8550 mg). You've already taken 3540 mg, which means you want to stay on Accutane for another 60 - 84 days. That's assuming you weigh 125 lbs. You're less likely to get acne again if you do 150 mg / kg rather than 125 mg / kg. At least that's what my derm told me.
  13. inndem

    Day 79

    120 - 125 lbs is 54 - 57 kg, so your dose seems right
  14. inndem

    Day 79

    You don't look like you weigh much, but it's hard to say if 60 mg is a high dose or not without knowing exactly how much you weigh generally speaking, 1mg / kg is an average dose. More than 1 mg / kg is high and less than 1 mg / kg is low. I've read that 40% is cured of acne forever, 40% gets acne again after some time but it's usually mild and easily manageable with other treatment options, and in 20% of all cases it comes back bad enough that it merits another course of accutane.
  15. Hey girl, that really sucks about the IB hang in there, a lot of people don't start to clear up until the second or third month. As far as the hair goes, I've read that jojoba oil works pretty well. It's not like other oils, it's pretty easy to wash out and your hair doesn't get all sticky. You can start with a little bit on the roots/scalp and then just comb it into the rest of your hair. My scalp's pretty itchy, but I think that's mostly because I'm allergic to the conditioner I was using : /