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  1. recently my skin has been getting much dryer than it is usually on accutane and my arms and face are completely dry all over. Also, i have noticed that my nipples look a bit dry and flaky. I wanted to know whether other people have experienced this or if it's something else that is causing this??
  2. Hey, I've noticed that after starting accutane, my pleasure during sex has pretty much gone. Like i cant feel anything good at all. I watched a docmentary on BBC 3 the other day called "Dying for Clear Skin" and there was a guy on it who was on accutane and completely lost his ability to get erections and enjoy sex permanently. I just wanted to know if it's possible for this to happen to girls and if anyone has experienced this too? Thank you! Sarah
  3. Attack the block <3

  4. Was just wondering what lip products everyone uses to over come the dryness? Need some good ideas Sarah
  5. Yeah I used true match a while back, when i had oily skin and i found that it made my skin even more oily, which would be good for my dry skin at the moment. might give it a try thanks :) x
  6. Ok definately not going to get drunk this saturday then, thank you x
  7. I was just wondering what would happen if i were to drink alcohol on accutane? and if any of you have, what happened? Sarah
  8. My skin is just starting to get really dry from the acctane and my foundation (which is meant for oily skin, as that is what my skin is normally like) is making my skin look and feel so much dryer. I want to get a new foundation for while I'm on accutane that will be good for my dry skin and also have good coverage to cover my spots. What foundations do/did you use on accutane? Need some suggestions Sarah
  9. Pretty much straight away, but I've only been on the drug for 11 days and I'm still on my initial breakout at the moment.
  10. I've been on accutane (40mg) for 10 days now and I've already noticed that I have got way more spots than i did before i started. I know that it's normal to have an initial breakout, but my face is so covered an it's so annoying. I was wondering how long other people's initial breakouts lasted? Sarah
  11. How I met your Mother <3 x