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  1. I know that washing your face three times a day isn't good. At most it should be twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Moisturize after. Stay positive!
  2. Has anyone successfully used BP and witch hazel at the same time? I want to introduce it into the regimen, but I'm a little nervous to try it. If you have, could you list your routine? Thanks!
  3. Well I do that. What usually happens is, I get done working out, go to the bathroom and splash water on my face, and then go home to take a shower.. So there is a 15 minute time span in which I don't shower.
  4. Well that's the weird thing. I don't use any supplements. No pre-workout, no whey protein afterwards. I have had this happen before so naturally I thought it was the supplements causing it. So I decided to do it completely natural, and it still is happening. Like I said, nine times out of ten I splash some lukewarm water on my face when I get done, and I lightly dab it off with a paper towel. I'm just really confused as to what is causing it.
  5. Lifting weights and I have a love hate relationship. I love to work out, but whenever I start getting back into it, I always break out in cystic acne. I don't understand why either. I sweat a lot while I workout, but I splash lukewarm water on my face after I get done working out. And then I usually go home and do the regimen right after (DK Cleanser, BP, Moisturizer). But I always seem to get those huge under the skin pimples after one or two weeks of it. Does anyone have any ideas why?
  6. I just put in an order for the 16 oz. cleanser to be sent to me every 8 weeks. Does that mean it's going to send one right away and then another one in 8 weeks? I need one soon is the only reason I'm asking.
  7. Should I put BP on it or not? It's not like horribly fried, but it is a little red.
  8. I was working outside today, and I got a sunburn on my face. I'm freaking out that I'm going to break out. What is the best way to treat it?
  9. Do you splash your face with warmer water or colder? Or just right in the middle?
  10. Let's bump this up. I haven't worked out since July because I've been scared of a bad breakout, as I couldn't always time my workouts to start before I did the Regimen. Hopefully someone on here has good advice to help out with this problem.
  11. Does anyone have any advice on the best thing to do after a mid-day workout if you've already washed your face in the morning?
  12. That's what I'm planning on doing, just weening off of it slowly. I'm going to start doing it every morning for a couple of weeks, then every other day for a couple, then every third day, etc, etc.
  13. Well, I've been on the Regimen for around 3-4 months now, and it has worked great. I'm just tired of the flaking and peeling that won't stop. I tried AHA+ and that just made it worse.
  14. Has anyone had success with their skin when stopping the Regimen? I'm a little freaked out about quitting because I've heard the breakout after you stop is horrible, but I'm tired of using BP every day as I think it's doing more harm to my skin than good. If anyone has any stories about them quitting, please share!