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  1. Shea butter is a no no

    natural mosturized breaks you out for weeks smells funny cyst and clogged pores in new areas I usually use Palmers Cocoa Butter but i ran out and decided to use my sisters shea butter. She uses it for her hair though. Ive been an acne sufferer and been clear for two years now thanks to research and habits. So of course i looked up reviews on shea butter. Some were good reviews some bad. So everyone is different so i gave it a try. Omg break outtt mania! I was getting cyst and so many white head
  2. This post made me actually join this site, I usuallu just read reviews and peoples results. I think about suicide too because my face problems. But then I think about people who been in car accidents and get severely burn and their face is deform and then I cry fro being so selfish, that people have it worst than me and are more stared at because of burn marks or people dying of cancer. I I also think about my sisters and I cant leave them. Acne isnt deadly but it gives us stress, anxiety that l
  3. Hey is the vitamin A still working for you? I want to buy some today.