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  1. Sorry about replying late. School started and I haven't had time to reply. I'm using Acne.org BP
  2. So, this is my third time on the regimen (and yes, this time I definitely will stay on it) to get clear. Now, I only gotten off the regimen because I didn't want to become dependent on BP. However, I've realized that my skin will only stay clear if it has BP. I'll get to the point of this thread: if you are using two full pumps of BP, how are you applying it as so it does not ball up? Every time I get past one pump, the BP starts to feel like a mask and doesn't "sink" in. I've tried to do it qui
  3. Ugh that must suck! But if the regimen works for you, you might as well stick with it. I guess the old saying "You don't fix what's not broken" applies to this topic. BTW why are there so many people with an opposition to relying on BP? If it works than why not just continue with the product? (I'm not saying this factiously, I'm honestly curious) From what I read, people are scared that their skin will become reliant on the BP and it could cause some pre-aging. For me, the acne.org supplies,
  4. I have siblings who never had acne and even the ones that have acne have it very mild. I have moderate acne which is 1000000x worse than theirs. And unfortunately, my acne will clear up and I'll have perfect skin for a month and then have massive breakouts during the rest of the year. Upsetting.... Anyways, I've decided to (once again) go back on the regimen. I went off off it twice and every time my acne came back even when my skin completely cleared up. I went off because I wanted to be less d
  5. I'm not sure if anyone else reads this thread but I take back what I said about it being a con. I messaged the seller on eBay and I got a full refund.
  6. Unfortunately, I believe this is a scam. I tried searching online for "aspirem" again and nothing is popping up. Plus, kevindreed is also "not active" any longer. :/ honestly, when I come online to acne.org, I really am looking for help with my acne. It just sucks to find out that you've been preyed on for a couple of bucks.
  7. I got this about a week ago... And so far, my impression of it isn't good. My skin is really itchy and the clogged pores on my cheeks are becoming inflammed.. I'm starting to fear that this is doing more harm than good. The one really big and cystic acne on my forehead isn't going away either... Then again, it has only been one week...
  8. I really this works... Expensive and only for 2 fl oz... I'm sorry but it seems suspicious... I'll try it though since I already bought it. Wish me luck. By the way, how much are you applying for each application?
  9. Not for sensitive skin

    Disinfects skin? Dried out skin Burns Made spots and cuts persist longer It dried out my skin sooooo badly and it didn't help any of my existing acne go away. If anything, it made the spots persist longer and any open wounds I had too. Gave me small flesh bumps along my cheeks and jawline. I discontinued over two weeks ago and my skin has gotten ALOT better.
  10. Kevindreed, will this help back acne? I recently got a breakout and it's been persisting regardless of my change in diet and cleansing methods.
  11. I clean my brushes and sponge after every use. I'm very adamant about this because I don't want to break out from a simple thing like not cleaning them. I use regular dish liquid soap and rinse the brushes thoroughly so there's no foam leftover. If you have foam leftover, you didn't wash the brush completely clean and the residue may break you out. I also dry my brushes with a paper towel after and leave them on their sides on another dry paper towel (you can use a towel but make sure to replace
  12. Foundation: Nars sheer glow Concealer: either Laura Mercier secret camouflage or bare mineral well rested Under eye concealer: FX conceal in light (product is very orange to counteract my blue/purple dark circles. Once you blend it out, the orange goes away.) Mascara: Mally Volumizing mascara or Maybelline the falsies. Powder: Tarte smooth operator (only sometimes as I tend to notice that it can cause dry patches even in my oily t-zone...) Blush: urban decay tipsy or nars orgasm I take
  13. I have one! I brought one over a year ago thinking that I could exfoliate better with it but it turns out that it did more harm than good. It doesn't hurt so don't worry about scrapping your skin, just don't let the machine run in the same spot for more than 5 seconds (or, that's the way I did it). Anyways, if you have sensitive skin like me, I wouldn't recommend buying it. My skin ALWAYS broke out when I used it. I always cleaned the machine and the "disk" (i use the sensitive one-- the blue
  14. Hi! I have tried AHA+ twice now and both times it has wrecked my skin. I waited until I was toward the end of my 5th week to use AHA+. It stung and my face would get red even when I used the minimum amount....but my skin seems to dislike everything everyone else likes... So I would just be careful in the amount you're using. If the stinging is too much, I would say just don't do it. Currently, I'm using rosehip oil to moisturize ONLY the dry spots (jojoba oil is also great and it didn't clog my