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  1. Thats fab! im glad its working for you! Dont worry about those red marks too much, I remember having alot of red marks all over my face after i finished the course, however after a month or so, mine had faded, and are practically now all gone! Applying a sensitive moisturiser daily helped me alot to even out skin tone and fade those red marks! hope this helps
  2. Exactly! im glad you have had the same thought! i do think that its the experiences (often tougher ones) in life that build who we are as people, and mould us for the better! I have to say that it took a good few months, into 2 or 3 months for my skin to look significantly better, but the dry hands and dry skin are both very normal side effects, and trust me they will pass, i even noticed the dry hands faded towards the end of my course too! keep moisturising! Also dont be disheartened if
  3. Hi all! Right.. accutane - the big debate... For me personally it has opened up alot of doors for me! I used to suffer from moderate - severe acne, and after years of the classic, quick fix but long strugle, that was antibiotics.. i finally got referred to the hospital for treatment using accutane! I was on a high dose for around 5 months, and is by far (in my opinion) the best choice for acne sufferers! I did suffer some side effects, some aches and pains, dry skin, hair, and very dry l