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  1. Pretty much this. I was on saw palmetto for like 6 months and apparently many people complain about decreased sex drive but it did absolutely nothing in this regard.(nor did it improve my acne).
  2. I accidentally stumbled upon this thread some time ago and decided to give it a try. Because why not, over the years I've tried things that seemed even less plausible. I've been taking 5000-7000 IU a day, today is day 9. I take one dry capsule after each meal, sometimes I don't really count the pills and possibly end up taking more, but I guess it's no big deal since there's virtually no risk of toxicity. Over the past year I managed to clear like 80% of my acne by using 5% BP and staying a
  3. w3iw3i


    I've experimented with using sweet (glutinous) rice flour on my face as a powder and also in various home-made masks. I believe it has properties very similar to cornstarch. You can use it to absorb the oil on your face but unfortunately it doesn't do anything with your overall sebum production, so if you're like me your face will be greasy again within an hour. It's somewhat effective as long as you're not looking for coverage and it's also natural. Actually this is something that has been know
  4. Congratulations on dealing with your acne problem. It's interesting how different people make very different experience with Accutane. I never broke out while taking the pills. Nor have I experienced too many of the side effects (except dry lips), but my acne always comes back after 6-12 months. I'm not particularly scared of taking Accutane but at the same time I wouldn't start another (4th) course since I believe the effect is only temporary.
  5. Hi Zkay, There are dozens of possible breakout triggers but I think changing your diet is worth trying. I'd suggest skipping wheat (gluten), soy and/or dairy for at least two weeks. If your condition improves you can try incorporating one of the 3 back into your diet to see if it makes you break out again. Earlier this year I had a series of breakouts (or rather one continuous breakout for a period of 3 weeks); I was guaranteed to get 5-10 new pustules every single day. Changing my diet r
  6. I've consulted three different dermatologists and two of them basically told me I have to learn to live with it (amazing advice, ain't it?) and the third one gave me an Accutane presciption. I've been taking Saw Palmetto for about 10 days (480mg/day), I don't want to jinx it but my skin seems a little less greasy, albeit still very oily.
  7. I don't know if these are available where you live, but I really like this particular range of sunblocks: http://www.bioderma.com/en/nc/the-products/what-s-new/product/advices/262.html They offer a bunch of products with different SPF. Also I have a very greasy complexion and luckily this doesn't make it worse.
  8. If it hasn't come out to the surface in 10 years the salve probably won't help much. For medium size pimples that would normally heal within a few weeks it's worth trying though.
  9. The trimmer is very useful too. Obviously it doesn't make your face as smooth as the razor itself but it's better than nothing. Also when my acne is super inflamed I rely mainly on the trimmer to avoid any more irritation because scraping off the pustules probably isn't a very good idea.
  10. I've used this one for over a year and I like it a lot: http://amzn.com/B001VEK1E4 To be honest I think it's more about how you shave. All electric razors in this price range are pretty much on par in quality. For me I found out it's best to shave every day (even though I don't really need to) for 2-3 minutes instead of every third day for let's say 6 minutes. I also use a few drops of jojoba oil to minimize the friction.
  11. I've used a drawing salve on my acne several times before. As for small pimples it works nice, it's also fairly cheap. I'd be very careful though if you want to use it to draw a cyst out. I've tried before and sometimes it seems to work and sometimes not. Probably depends on how deep the cyst is. The ointment I've been using contains ichthammol and salicylic acid but the problem is it's fairly strong and not really supposed to be put on your face so you don't want to leave it there overnight. If
  12. umbrellafella, thank you for the reply! I was kinda hoping to find someone who experienced the same type of acne and somehow managed to find the trigger. Guess I'll keep experimenting. Hopefully I'll get completely clear one day, giving up is not an option! I'll make sure to post an update if there's any progress or general improvement.
  13. Hey guys, I've been a long time visitor to the forums but this is my first time actually posting something. I'm a 25 year old male and I have suffered from acne since the age of 16. My condition originally started as mild but later (around 21 or so) I developed severe nodular acne with an occasional cyst or two on my neck. With the exception of a couple of pimples on my back like twice a year my acne has always been limited to my face. There was a time my acne was so sore I couldn't even