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  1. I eat a lot of jalapeños that grow in my garden. as well as lots of cayenne pepper and some bell peppers and i don't seem to have any problems. But it's the onions and garlic that break me out. Especially onion and garlic powders Interesting! I think I might eliminate nightshades for a while and see what happens. How long do you think before I would notice a difference? Probably in a couple days, that's how it normally goes for me. Whenever i breakout and the breakout keeps getting worse..
  2. I eat a lot of jalapeños that grow in my garden. as well as lots of cayenne pepper and some bell peppers and i don't seem to have any problems. But it's the onions and garlic that break me out. Especially onion and garlic powders
  3. I usually avoid any ingredient with a -5 or that is considered comedogenic. But 2 of my favorite face washes contains sodium chloride which is suppose to be very irritating to acne.. My theory is, if you're going to wash it off then it shouldn't be as bad. But if it was in make-up or something I would not use it. Edit* ohhh my bad I thought it was a face wash Lol. Since it's sunscreen I probably wouldn't use it. I use safflower oil as sunscreen when I'm tanning. I forgot to put some on o
  4. Hey Congratz!! I cut out sugar also and have great results. I take raw honey, royal jelly & propolis everyday though.. I'm very sensitive to high sugar fruits, I ate a banana the other day and had a very bad fructose intolerance problem. For some reason honey is alright for me.
  5. Hi Ribbonettes, which brand of royal jelly do you take? Eco bee farms
  6. So I just read a bunch of things that completely blew my mind. Apparently, Photo sensitivity (known as Photophobia) is a symptom of Lupus. Me being extremely sensitive to bright lights and flashes, and migraine prone (but cured my migraines completely) this got me thinking. Maybe Lupus was contributing to my skin problems and on going inflammation of my eyelids. I also read that Lupus is a very deadly disease. And then I was watching this youtube video: They talk about how autoim
  7. I've been through this before where I was too scared to leave the house without covering up my acne scars. It's frustrating because you feel like you can't function without it or you feel extremely uneasy talking to people even your own family. I remember I went to the grocery store with a bare face and I felt like I was going to throw up. I felt like everyone was staring at me and being disgusted with my face. Now I realized that yes, if it's bad people will stare, but why should tha
  8. I eat a tsp of royal jelly & raw honey 2x per day. And 1/2 tsp of propolis 2x per day. It's really making my skin glow : ] and I have less inflammation. I love this stuff it made my face so much clearer. I haven't tried using it as a mask though.. I think I'd rather supplement with it.
  9. The sun does wonders for your body and for your skin! Like with everything else, too much of a good thing isn't good.. be careful not to over do it. Laying out in the sun is a great way to get vit D and is highly recommended. Maybe even spend as short as 20 minutes will be good enough. For protection from the sun I recommend using safflower oil. It's great as a natural sunscreen. I tried it once I didn't get burnt or breakout. (A lot of sunscreens make me breakout) As far as the dead sk
  10. ugh ikr. It's like, almost every health problem shows in the face :[ but I wouldn't go on accutane even though it shrinks sebaceous glands because I've heard of the glands on the edge of people's eyelids not functioning properly after accutane.. then they have a very severe dry eye problem that's one of the worst especially for people who wear contacts. I have MGD (inflamed glands on the eyelids) so I know it sucks very much lol
  11. Thankyou :] yahh I guess I should feel good that I am doing the right thing :]
  12. I cover my eyes in these pictures because I tend to be a very recognizable person. And I don't want any of my personal creepy stalkers to harass me lol
  13. So I know this is kinda late, but the whole organic foods thing was a bit confusing to me.. I wasn't sure what to make of it. If it was really better or not.. I heard of some people clearing their face by eating just regular produce from the grocery store. I was sorta thinking it would work for me as well. As long as I knew where the food came from.. I only bought vegetables that were local from hawaii thinking they were just as good. Well recently, I became very concerned about the GMO thin
  14. Agreed. Egg whites break me out, egg yolks do not. Like anything else it maybe different for others. Here is an article explaining it if you're interested: http://paleodietlifestyle.com/an-egg-yolk-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-away/
  15. Probiotics broke me out too. They were also high quality ($50) for a small bottle a lot of people were also saying that it caused breakouts for them.. i'd like to know why.. I remember someone saying they got completely clear from cutting all probiotics out of their diet.