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  1. Chill. It'll go away. Just wait it out. No girl is so choked by her standards that she'd refused to date you because you have/had acne as a teenager. Accutane may be the solution to your cofidence issues due to this though. It's hard to think you look good with cysts all over your face. I'm 2 months and into my accutane treatment and my skin is much better, not clear yet, but coming along. If you have tried everything else, and nothing seemed to work, I'd recommend it. Also, microdermabrasion a
  2. If you can handle it, try cold showers. I mean honestly, just use anti-dandruff shampoo; stationary hair isn't unattractive.
  3. somethingelse

    Day 46

    Hi, I am on day 50 of my accutane treatment today; my skin has also been acting up the past week and a half or so. I have been on 40mg and weigh 75kg, though it does make me feel more confident now that I know you're experiencing the same thing.
  4. P.S.-Styling treatment oil is a good investment.
  5. True, it does make my hair really dry too; but being a guy, I don't notice much. You could wear a shower cap, or take wipe baths after workouts.
  6. I've been on accutane a month and a half and have been working out just as consistently and hard as before. I have noticed some, but not debilitating joint pain. In terms of dealing with sweating, I just shower afterwards and use deoderant beforehand...I don't understand the issue here...? I use a mild body wash on my face and body, and condition my hair every day, but I only shampoo like once a week. I sweat a lot when I work out; it's probably genetic (probably the cause of my acne in the firs
  7. somethingelse

    Anyone Else Get Acne In Weird Places?

    Ikr? I have one on my neck and like 3 on my stomach; I've never gotten one in either place before.
  8. somethingelse

    -___- Accutane Log

    Hey. Making out sounds tempting, but our lips are way too damn dry for it to be enjoyable. So I'm 16 and on my first (hopefully last) course of accutane. I have been on for about a month and a half (on day 47) and I still do break out, but usually just one large pimple/cyst here or there. I have scarring so the results aren't all that noticeable, but I think it's generally getting better at this point. I'm just excited for what's to come; I've heard that the good results usually come around the