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  1. Thanks. I never leave the house without make-up due to my acne and for me to post this pic took a lot of courage, so your comment is definitely appreciated!
  2. I've considered accutane, but im scared of the side effects. My liver even got inflammed from those antibiotic pills they give to treat acne, and I can't help but wonder (considering accutane is a much stronger product) how accutane would affect or damage my liver even more than the antibiotics. I really want to try it, because absolutely nothing has completely gotten rid of my acne. Im going to try Acupunture starting next week and if that fails me, accutane here I come....(maybe). =)
  3. AnJeLxbAbY

    Right Side...

    Hi ItsyBitsyBetsy! Right now I am using a very very mild tea tree scrub & wash. In the morning I put an astringent called "babyface" and from reading the message board, it sounds somewhat similar to 101E Acne Gateway. I then put teat tree moisturizer on and go on with my day. When I get home, I wash my face with the tea tree wash and apply either Tretinoin cream or the babyface astringent ( I usually rotate these two product every 2 weeks or so depending on if my skin gets immuned to the pro
  4. OMG, you have made soooo much improvement! I am so happy for you! You look so beautiful! Maybe I should try accutane...hMmMm?!
  5. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    Thank God for bare minerals! I just had to put an OK pic up to make up for my horrid acne-exposed pictures. Acne is just soooo devastating.
  6. AnJeLxbAbY

    Left Side...

    From the album: *EXPOSED*

    Any recommendations?
  7. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    It just seems like the acne likes to move in groups throughout my face. When I was 11 or 12 I had little bumps that covered my forehead. It then moved from cheeck to cheeck, to jaw line, chin, nose all through the years. Right now, I have some active acne which looks worst than it usually does in this pic due to *that time of the month*, along with some scarring and those annoying little white bumps that appear just beneath the skin along my jaw line.
  8. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    A deflated self-esteem behind my smile. I've been dealing with acne since I was 11 or 12 and I am now 22.