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  2. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    So far, after 2 sessions of my acupuncture treatment, I am luvin' it! It makes me feel relaxed and good! But I am mostly happy because I haven't had a new breakout since my first session & my skin is improving day-by-day. In conjunction with the treatment, she is making me drink an herbal tea 2x/day and after drinking the tea, I use the herbs on my face for about 15-20 mins. before I go to bed. So far, so good. I'll keep you guys posted! (no make-up pics)
  3. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    OK, so the pic on the right was taken a week after my first acupuncture session. I haven't had one new breakout since that first session & I am AMAZED, because this week was my time of the month and during that time, I usually break out with 2-5 new pimples! I had my second session on wednesday. I just love it! I hope this works for me so I don't have to try accutane. (no make-up)
  4. Cystic acne is the worst isn't it? Don't trip though, you look pretty! I have the same problem with having cystic acne! They hurt like hell! Since i've tried almost everything, (some meds. made it worse, some temporarily better and some just didn't do anything) i've finally decided to try acupunture as an acne treatment. *sigh* I hope it works, because I don't really want to try accutane since my liver easily gets inflammed. I'll let cha all know how it goes!
  5. Thanks you guys! =) No more squeezing...promise!!!
  6. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    See the dark spots all over?! Boo! It just sucks! I think it's gotten a lot better from last week though. So yay! =)
  7. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    About scarring...how do most of you get rid of it?
  8. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    Is it getting any better?
  9. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    This was one of those little hard bumps. I tried to squeez all the fun out of it and now look! It really hurts! How do I make it go down? Obviously I need to just leave it alone, but does anyone have better advice?
  10. From the album: *EXPOSED*

    Does anyone know how to get rid of those annoying little hard white bumps? I have plenty of them along my jaw line. They go away for a while, then they come back. When you try to squeez them, it comes out kind of stringy. Anyone know what im talking about? Gosh I hate those things! HELP!
  11. --Johnard! Yay...a fellow Filipino! Of course we can be friends =) --Kimmy, thanks for the comment =P Ur pretty too, but im sure you already knew that =D
  12. You skin doesn't even look bad. It actually looks clear in this picture. =)
  13. Y thank you! =P But anyways, basically I just asked for a choppy layered cut and for the color, I just said I wanted a chocolate brown base & semi-thick blonde-ish (not too blonde, just golden) streaks. Hopefully everything works out for ya! Post a picture after you get your hair done on Friday k? I wanna check it out =P
  14. AnJeLxbAbY


    I love your eyes! So pretty!
  15. AnJeLxbAbY


    Hey! My acne looks somewhat similar to yours. What treatments have you tried? I've tried just about everything and this week Im gonna start going to acupunture sessions to treat it. Many have found success with acupunture and taking herbal pills that the acupuncturist provides. If this doesn't work, I may have to resort to accutane. =/
  16. Wow claud! I am so happy for you! Your progress has been AMAZING! =) You look great!
  17. Hi Keisha! What do I look like? LOL. Im mostly Filipino with a little Spanish & Chinese.
  18. M5424--Hi there! Bare Minerals is great. Expensive ($25), but I love it because it hides my scarring well and it looks very natural and it doesn't feel heavy at all. On the other hand, I have had dry/peeling skin, and like any other make-up, it doesn't work well with it. It may work a little better, especially when you put mosturizer under bare minerals, but there are days when I actually have to exfoliate my skin and put moisturizer under the make up to make it look good. Apart from its nice co
  19. Hi sk777...I will let you know how the acupunture treatment is going. I will be starting it sometime this week. But just the other day, I seen a close friend and his face used to be covered in acne, but now its clear and his complextion is so nice. He said he did that chinese acupunture treatment and that they give you herbal pills in conjunction. It really worked for him! Also, my friend told me that her sis-in-law did the same thing and is now acne free! I hope it works for me....but I will le
  20. AnJeLxbAbY

    *Me with make-up*

    Thanks Liv! I use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum on the ends of my hair while it is damp. Then I let it dry out or blow dry it (when im short on time) and either flat iron it or use a curling iron. =) That usually does the trick.