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  1. yo meagainsteveryone, don't kill neone your life will ruined and there definately at least a chance you could have a happy life and thats not worth it, but don't be a pussy either. lift some weights or take a ju-jitsu class and kick some ass if someone makes fun of you, if you give a couple kids busted lips, no one will make fun of u nemore, and take all their girls after you beat them up too. and then put on womens clothing, take some LSD, then go bowling, wait what? screw bowling i hate bowlin
  2. if you tell everyone here how to cure acne and it works i'll send you $50 and i'll ask everyone else on the board to donate ass much as possible. If what your promising is true some people will basically owe you their lives. I'm sure they would be generous in donating.
  3. i think if you search for it you can find accutane overseas and get it without a prescription.
  4. try freeacnebook.com, read it all and try it, you should start to see results in a week. unfortunately, i really don;t think there's a faster quick fix than that.
  5. (see previos post)A LOT better than bp and differin treatment, i used eurythromycin and salicylic and a whole lotta crap on my face and my skin looks great now that i've followed www.freeacnebook.com. My back problems and headaches reduced as well (i think). my sleep schedual isn't perfect and sometimes i under-eat which causes acne (as you'll see if you read the book). Just try it please, everyone,please please please please please please. It 's completely free and it's more healthy for u n
  6. please go to freeacnebook.com. i guarentee it'll will work for at least some of you who try it. the problem is it requires A LOT of willpower, i have to fight my own urges and people calling me crazy all day long. it is the first thing that actually noticeably helped my acne. if you have the will, this could be your way.
  7. yes, food can trigger breakouts, please visit freeacnebook.com, it worked for me
  8. please visit freeacnebook.com. it really helped me. and i dare you to find somewhere in that site where they want to take your money. it's really free.
  9. dude, honestly, i'm glad it worked for u, but holy crap, but don't say things like "promise" and stuff, you'll get people's hopes up
  10. something interesting, there were experiments with LSD (supervised by the government and professionals) in the 50's to cure alcoholism and mental illness. i'm not sure about mental illness but about half of the alcoholics in the experimention were cured, some saying that god came to them and told them to stop drinking. MOst never touched a drop again. It consisted of a few treaments. LSD is cheap to produce. The experimentation stopped because LSD began to be used recreationally and was mad
  11. www.freeacnebook.com, that's all i have to say. read all of it. i wash my face with only water and my acne is pretty much gone, but there a heck of a lot of residual damage (scars redmarks)
  12. cleanser: clean water moisturizer: clean water
  13. differin worked for me. don't take a dump on something just because it didn't work for u. that's irresponsible. there could be people suffering and differin could work for them. If differin wasn't in my life right now my life would suck. simply stating that it didn't work for you would be sufficient. and just so everyone knows, sometimes people are talking about the gel and not the cream. the cream i find to be milder than a 2.5 bp solution. and agentx, what r proud that your face is a me