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  1. I would say yes. I'm on my 3rd month of Gedarel 30/150. But my skin was already pretty much clear from the antibiotic I was on, so how do I know it's working? a) my acne has not come back so far b) my skin is a lot less oily. But it depends entirely on what type of birth control it is, not all of them reduce acne, some actually make it worse...
  2. To our current knowledge: 1. Moisture retention - Because sebum creates a protective barrier between the skin and the air, moisture loss is minimized. This helps to prevent premature lines, if you notice that people with dry skin seem to age much quicker and their skin often looks much worse as they age compared to someone who is an oil slick. 2. Some protection from the elements - it seems that oil helps to diminish the effects of the weather on the skin, i.e. cold, wind, rain, humidity
  3. Clinique City Block SPF 40 Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser with SPF 25 for oily/combo/normal or SPF 15 for sensitive/dry I'm also using some Korean Coppertone one with SPF 50...I have no idea what it's called. It's all in Korean. But it has a PA++++ rating.
  4. Day 32 Post Tetralysal I have one inflamed lesion on the top of my cheekbone, near my eye...but it doesn't seem too angry. I don't know if it's from stress or what, but I've been going through some really tough times lately, I guess you could say I'm having a 'career crisis' or the lack of, lol. I've added a new step to my face routine. Pre-cleansing with oil, namely a mix of 1/3 castor oil and 2/3 grapeseed oil. I've had that spot on my cheek before I started doing it, and it has not ag
  5. As someone already said earlier water+oil = do not mix. Oil will not be removed from your skin with just plain water. You need friction, and a lot of that if you're not using a surfactant. So at least give your face a good old massage/rubbing. When humankind first started thinking about washing and how they will better remove the dirt and oil from their skin than with just water, their first stop was mixing animal fat and oils with ash/alkali to create a soap or now it would be a very primit
  6. Well the questions you have to ask yourself: 1. How will you pay for treatment once your insurance runs out? 2 months is not enough to clear anyone. 2. Have you exhausted all the other mainstream options? Topicals, like BP, retinoids, antibiotics, then oral antibiotics, birth control pills? Have you given them all a fair try? A 'fair' try is 3 months adhering to all the doctors instructions. 3. Have you had allergy testing/hormone testing to see if any of these two are the culprits?
  7. Just to let you know: Vitamin C dissolved in water will not be absorbed into your skin. It will just crystallise on the surface as the water evaporates. To my knowledge, it would be very difficult to make a serum like that at home. L-ascorbic [the ester form of ascorbic acid] acid is very unstable and goes rancid/oxidizes very quickly. Plain old ascorbic acid goes rancid even quicker plus because it's an acid, it would be quite irritating, that's why you need L-ascorbic acid, which just converts
  8. Day 24 Post Tetralysal I have not broken out since I have stopped Tetralysal. At the moment my focus is on to get rid of those pesky blackheads...as my pores seem to be shrinking, the blackheads seem more prominent, probably because there is more contrast between the parts of my skin that is clear and the parts, like my nose and chin, that have them. My skin can hardly be considered oily anymore, due to the BC. I would call it a combination-normal. I still have blackheads on my back and ches
  9. Day 86 Yesterday marked the finish of my Tetralysal course! I am all done and dusted. I am happy with the results and I'm seeing my GP on monday for a final check up, but I am 99% sure that I will not be continuing. I have also pretty much stopped using benzoyl peroxide. Once week I apply some, but I plan on phasing it out entirely. I am overall content with the outcome of this antibiotic course. I had minimal side effects at the beginning and hardly any near the end. I would recomme
  10. Day 73 Skin is continuing to get less oily, but I have 2 small whiteheads next to my nose on the left. The left side of my face seems to break out much more, how strange. I've been taking Gedarel since the 18th. I felt a bit emotional at the start, like PMSing, but not anymore. My hair seems to be shedding less which is great, because I don't leave loads of hairs all over the place [my hair is waist length at its longest point]
  11. Absolutely not true, I also have the same problem as OP's, and yes it is a problem, red, oily, large pored cheeks. It gives your skin a very rough complexion and is very noticeable. None of my male friends have it, they all have a poreless and smooth complexion and it makes me jealous and self-conscious about it. It also makes you prone to seborrheic dermatitis later down the road. As I said, it is not normal male skin. Erm, maybe I'm visually impaired, but this guy's skin is not red and in
  12. Day 68 I'm sorry I haven't updated in such a long time but I've been reaaaally busy So after a failed Impanon removal attempt, I was put on Gedarel 30/150. At first I was dubious that it would work, as one of the listed side effects is acne...but I was reassured by my GP that this is the first choice birth control for women with PCOS, and even though I don't have that, she thought it would work regardless. Well, she may have been right as my skin is a LOT less oily, and I've only been ta
  13. I would call that normal. My skin drips with oil 1 hour after of washing it...I would be grateful if it lasted 7/8 hours grease-free
  14. Day 47 My Implanon wasn't removed yesterday at the end, because the nurse who is trained to do insertion/removal, wasn't in! now I have to wait another two weeks. No breakouts and no changes.
  15. Wow, that is so unlucky you broke out after trying Dan's regimen, difficult to believe actually [i'm not saying you're lying.] Reminds of the saying that if it it ain't broke, don't fix it! I would just go back to your old regimen, exactly how it was, and if there's no improvement in 3 months, I would see a dermatologist. Something other than Dan's regimen may have triggered this sudden outbreak of cysts, if it still persists after that time. Don't worry about scarring from the corti