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  1. If there's anyone planning on buying the Zeno or have luck with the zeno. Get the thermaclear is a better choice as you dont need to change the tips alot! It says best to use when the pimple is forming or when you feel it coming on. Once its already inflammed the thermaclear becomes unusable to these thats why it doesnt work on inflammed pimples, but for ones that are forming or the ones you feel start zapping them!! also best to zap just 1-2 times a day dont be zapping every hour!~
  2. I would highly reccomend using mineral makeup.. Don't use liquids!! Make sure the minerals you use are ingredients you can sound out. Oeer counter brand to use is Physician's Formula. Theres alot out there but PF is what I reccomend. For ONline I like Everyday Minerals as you get a Free sample pack and if you do decide to like them you can get a kit of full size products for less. So for a guy just use foundation only no need for concealer with minerals as it gives you a good finish. Also make
  3. Are you saying the Brand Forever Living? I'm a distributor of this line. I haven't or dared to use this on my face because of the thick consistentecy and afraid of break out issues.I have used this on scars and marks on mybody and it has made my skin softer and helping them to make them less in apperance.
  4. Why don't you check out something called NoNo Sephora sells it and exactly like electolysis and laser hair removal in one system. Handheld and you do it yourself. Sephora link here: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P194264
  5. Hands down for Queen Helene Mint Masque for Oily skin !!!
  6. I use Queen Helene Mint Scrub and its awesome and yes if u get it in your eyes it will sting... But for LUSH ocean'ssalt if you get that in your eyes it will be painful as it has vodka in it!
  7. Also you wanna make sure to get the right formula so it fits the needs to your skin. Ori glo, semi matte. matte, and intensive. many people have irritations to one of the four formulas so better to sample all formulas as well!
  8. Try out Queen Helene Mint Scrub. The same as St. Ives but more gentler and better. Great great stuff!!
  9. Great Scrub and it smells really nice. Its gentler than the St ives one. It does leave a film on my face when i used to use it so make sure you really wash this stuff off.I use it for my back for exfoliation pretty good results!
  10. If your looking into minerals try out Everyday Minerals You can only order online but it definetly works and better than any other mineral makeup out there. Take the intensive coverage for really good coverage. Get yourself the flat top brush they have for sale there.Try out samples first its free you just pay $4 shipping for USA. Natural coverage even men can wear this as it doesn't look like a mask on and you can't even tell that you are wearing makeup. Just make sure to get your color matche
  11. Aquafina is great and cheap too. You can always sprtiz plain water if you need something more they are lots of varications you can mix water with glycerin and lot of others too
  12. I love medicated Blistex the one in the green tube. Great stuff and spf 15 is great!!! I use most of thelip balms in their line their DCT best lip balm ive used but it would be my all time if it came in a stick form
  13. Now you know to just stock up on what you like using. I tell my sister to stock up on her PF powder because its almost running out she's like oh its okay i still have samples of this makeup i never tried. I told what about if it isnt her color she'll probably run around the house and make a big fit for not listening to me.I'm waiting for that day comes it looks like she's almost running out.
  14. It's pretty hard to avoid parabens it like in 90% of products out there
  15. i am intaking Bee pollen Supplements