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  1. Day 63 I've been so busy! Sorry I haven't updated. I'm doing well. My acne has cleared quite a bit. I have two active cysts that are shrinking and the rest are just red marks, but they look just as bad as active ones. People probably can't tell the difference from looking. I just got bumped up to 60mg today. I have absolutely no dryness so this shouldn't be too bad. My lips and eyes are kinda dry but that's all. I get rashes on my arms from time to time but cortisone cream clears it up within
  2. Day 42 I got a new RX today and he would only write it for 40 mg again even thoughhhhhh last time he said I could go on 80 mg. he said next month if there still isn't improvement I can do 80. Yeah heard that before!!!!
  3. Day 40 Well it got worse for a few days.. So embarrassing. I went bowling with some friends and was eating nachos and my guy friend said hey hold on and got a napkin and tried to wipe something off of my chin but of course he couldn't because it was a zit. Then he said ohh and changed the subject real quick I'm pleased to say that it has gone down quite a bit over the past two days but I'm still looking rough, I got a rash on my arms and my shoulder too. I'm putting cortisone cream on it
  4. Day 33 I'm thinking some of the breakouts on my lips is caused by chapsticks. I've always been addicted and I've always randomly gotten them. There's nothing I can do about this though obviously since I'm dry as a bone now. I know my acne is hormonal and I'm thinking about going on birth control. I'm abstinent right now while my husband is deployed which is how I'm not on BC right now. I'm going to have to go back on it sooner or later and I'm worried about the breakout that will more than
  5. Day 31 Well, I got about four new zits overnight. I'm super stoked on it. Not.
  6. Does anybody use green concealer to cancel out redness from active acne, scars or just plain old redness? I'm on accutane and have some redness and was wondering if people have tried this and what kind. Thanks
  7. When I was pregnant my skin was really nice so I'm pretty sure it's all hormonal. I know how you feel about the pics it's so sad. I do get really tired but I usually take my boys afternoon nap with him and that helps. How old is your baby? Wow so I guess today is day 30, if I'm still counting right. One month down.. Really not much clearer than before but I know it takes time. I'm just ready to get this next month done and hopefully ill see some more changes. Nothing new to report except I'm gl
  8. Thanks so much I love the support around here!! Day 27 I looked like hell today. Yeah I still have some zits and red marks but this is nothing new to me and I can cover it up okay with my mineral makeup usually. But i looked so dry and didn't have any life to my skin and my makeup went on sooo bad. I just took my second 40mg pill tonight too, hopefully this dead look doesn't continue. I added about six drops of jojoba oil to by CeraVe cream tonight and it looked a lot more normal. I'll experime
  9. Yup almost one month down it'll be okay!! Just stay moisturized! Hate it too but it's better than acne. Good luck to you too!!
  10. Day 25 I started taking my 40mg tonight, I'm going to alternate with the remaining 20mg until they are gone. I just noticed today that me hair isn't getting as greasy so that's a huge plus!!! I'm excited for the 40mg... I'm not too dry now but I'm expecting it to get pretty bad this month. I only have one active spot on my whole chin. One new one on my left cheek, one on my lip, one on my forehead and one on my hairline. Not bad! But the red marks left over are dark and I just look all red an
  11. Day 22 I got my new pills, 40mg a day. I have eight more pills left of my 20mg before I start the higher dose. My doc said I could go up to 40 mg twice a day next month. Ipledge was down so I had to male multiple trips to the pharmacy and it was pretty annoying.. Im just barely dry at this point. A bit of flaking on my nose and my lips are kinda dry but it's not bad at all. I have some deep cysts on my cheek and the one that I had on my lip at the beginning has reinflated. And I have a cou
  12. Day 18 Still the same. A little back pain, a little bit of dry lips, a little bit of dryness on my chin, and a little bit of flaking on my nose. Not bad at all. My spots have gone down quite a bit but there are some new ones forming. I keep peeling some skin over the same two healed pimples on my chin and I'm making the red mark really bad. I really need to stop but I pick it and then realize what I did after its done. It's subconscious or something. I switched from CeraVe lotion to CeraVe c
  13. Day 16 I woke up with dry rings around my pimples on my chin.. I know I probably shouldn't but in the shower I lightly rubbed a washcloth over my face to get rid of some flakes. After that and moisturizing well it was fine. I went shopping with a friend last night and I could feel the tingling and pressure feeling that means I have a massive whitehead. It was on my chin and I was already out so there was no chance of popping it so I was just very uncomfortable. They come up so quickly now an
  14. Day 14 A lot of my old acne has almost healed and a new crop is forming. *sigh* all to be expected though. I'm also experiencing back pain today but I'm not sure if its from exercising or from accutane. It was hard picking my baby up and putting him in his crib today which sucks.. Hopefully it's gone by tomorrow. No real dryness or chapped lips. I feel like I should be on a higher dose. I'm going to make my appointment tomorrow for my bloodwork. It's super easy to get into my drs so I'm grate
  15. Yeah I'm on my first month now... I just was wondering because if I get my blood test done and I have to pick up my prescription in 7 days then I still have pills left. But ipledge says I could get my next bloodtest done. I'm so confused. My dr won't know either... It's just my family dr, not a derm.