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  1. Okay Im trying 10g of B5 a day along with the acne cure regimen and ill post my reults after a a few weeks.
  2. Oky I have moderate acne, and im thinking i always will but back to your Q, i cut everything from my diet but fruit and brazil nuts ofr about 2 months and lost a shit laod of weight and kept my acne to a mild level, by no stretch of the imagination was it goen but it was managgable. During this time i had nothing other than bottlled water to wash my face with. I switch to the acne cure like 5 weeks ago and its flaring up and has continued even though i only eat other foods other than fruit in mo
  3. id just like a reasoning as to why i still break otu with the minor change in plan before i go out and spend like 50$ on ice packs.... When i could be spending my 50$ somewhere else....
  4. Im in at least the 4th or 5th week and it is only very very mildly helping.... I get bnew spots all the time, but Im not following it exactly but I want to know if the changes would even matter. Instead of gel ice packs(I bought one for 15$ and it only stays cold for 5 min not 10 so i didnt buy another) i use a plastic tash bag on my face with a bunch of ice in ziplock bags on top. Lately I switched to just another layer of ziplock bags instead of the trash bag. I don't think it would hinder the
  5. thank you!!!! is the GA treatment the same too? (If this works ill give my first born child to dr dubrow so stop whining about damn copywrights!)
  6. okay im on this acne cure, i have also changed my diet so i only eat fruit nuts and occasionally a protein supplement(I have changed the diet since june but just recently i got a absolutely horrible flareup so im back on medicine, before i was like 60-70% clear without any medicine) and I have a Q about it, do you wash the SA and the GA away with hot or cold water. To be on the safe side I did mine today with mildly cold water...
  7. Hey I'm waiting for a password for the gallery, but I'll post my pics up once I have a pw. I think I have your condition, I have always had a little acne around my nose, nothing on my cheeks, or forehead, but always really gross sh*t on my chin. I mean right now I have 3 cysts on my chin and 3 white heads and redmarks along my mouth, it is sooo gross. I was thinking though that since my acne was so localized around my chin that I might have the problem you describe. I have pretty big sideburns t
  8. id rather have it dry then so oily, ive already used it 5 times this weekend and its still shinier than a waxed car, how else shouldi get rid of this oiliness?
  9. hey can i still drink slim fast, and protein boost with milk protein concentrate? How about mocha frappichinos theyre sooooooooooo good?
  10. OVernight from friday to saturday my nose looked like it got smacked with a bat and covered in french fry grease. I had an appointment with my dem sat morning but he didn't say anything about it and prescribed me clindac 1.5 clndamycin differin and some pill plusa 10% BP wash. I wont get the prescriptions filled till like wens but ive been using the BP he gave me like twice a day and my nose still looks swollen and covered ini grease with a small white head at the tip. Will BP 10% get rid of all
  11. i get the white skin flaps alot. They don't look like regular whiteheads but are right next to the nose or right under it. I use 1.5% clindamycin on them and that gets rid of them in seconds actually. IF it doesnt get rid of them immediately it helps dry thme out and thne u can just get rid of them with your finger
  12. Hey I have this really red nose problem, i have a whitehead at the tip of my nose and liike tis making my whoel nose red and greasy and it hurts everywhere on my nose, wtf is up?
  13. im one of those people, I have acne on my chin and nose and eczeema. Not on my face but on my elbow creases, hands, forearms, legs knee creases, feet. It is terrible and it was 10x worse as a kid. IT flares up every winter but now its summe so its not as bad. IT does suck majorly for everyone otu there. THe eczeema creams are soo grooossss and only make it itch worse but at least it keeps it under control, but having acne on top of it does seem unfair. :-/
  14. what i used to do is pop it then clean it up by hardcore wiping it up with the acne pads. I tried to get all the stuff outta the sucker than if i did itt too much a black scab would cover it for a few days but that was better than a white head and eventually fell off