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  1. please don't cancel your trip. You will regret it so much in the future & i bet you saved money that you probably worked really hard for. My 21st birthday is next week and my friends are planning all this crazy hotel stuff for me but i'm on the verge of not going too because of a horrible breakout... but i know if i don't i'll regret it.
  2. I think the exact same thing. I'm definitely the type who doesn't make eye-contact, shy, etc. But when I'm in a public place with friends and I spot an acne-prone person having a ball and being themselves, it makes me really want to be my old self again. It's just tough around people you don't know who look "better" in a sense.
  3. Thanks so much for replying. That was extremely helpful. I remember when i read the reviews on the SM tea half were negative and half were positive. Now that you point it out, its mostly likely because those individuals all had varying androgen levels (duh). So i'll give it up to 3 months? Thats what my mom suggested (mothers know best). IF it doesn't get better, I will most definitely want a blood test. Hopefully my GP will just suggest it rather than me bringing it up I have my first ever ap
  4. Hey everyone. So i have a question that I'm sincerely confused about. I'm currently taking BC (Lutera) and i've been on it for a good 3 & 1/2 weeks. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing that IB (initial breakout). I have very tender white heads (a lot of pus) on my left cheek and a couple on my chin. I never really broke out on my left side, it was ALWAYS my right side so its odd. I only began BC to control my moderate acne. Thats the only single reason. Today i picked up organic Spearmint Tea af
  5. I so wish i got this advice a month ago lol. I blew it!!! (read my last blog entry to see what i'm referring to) SIGH
  6. 3-4 years ago in high school when they had that ask box thing on MySpace or maybe it was Facebook? anyway, its this thing where you can ask the person a question either anonymously or not. One day I anonymously received a message saying that I was disgusting, hideous, full of pimples, gross, bla bla. The person even went on to say "how can all these guys even want to have sex with such an ugly girl" I WAS A FREAKING VIRGIN ALL THROUGH OUT HIGH SCHOOL. Thats what really pissed me off. Som
  7. i completely agree with your post... but I'm sure you understand how it can be really tough to feel good about yourself in a world like this with our specific condition or flaw. I find myself really evaluating many values every since my skin got really bad on & off two years ago. It's crazy how if an attractive person meets another attractive person, they're automatically intrigued to "get to know" them and find out their quirks, fears, favorites, hobbies, etc. But if its a person with acne
  8. this is the most beautiful thing i've read on this site!!! congrats to you & your new found comfort. and cheers to finding a keeper
  9. did it help out? how long have you been taking it?
  10. loladiamonds

    Success With Retin-A

    this is really great =) i'm using tazorac and still experiencing the IB so this has given me some motivation. What exactly is AHA like btw?
  11. one of those down acne days...

    1. loladiamonds

      Miserable On Halloween

      thanks for the sweet advice
    2. WOW i JUST saw this! haha Thanks so much <3 just posted a new blog when i realized I had a comment on this entry lol
    3. So this halloween, i figured a costume that involved a mask would be best so that i don't have to wear makeup or feel too self conscious, boy was i wrong. I wore the mask to work because i work with kids so everyone dressed up. I wore the mask most of the day (i took breathing breaks) and i had a fairly good time scaring the kids and taking pictures. At night, we were having a halloween carnival at my job and i was assigned to do the lemonade stand with my crush at work WHAT THE FUCK. it