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  1. Hello Again! It's been months since i last checked in. From previous entries, i had just finished a 3 month treatment using minocycline and clindoxyl gel (september- december 2012) which seemed to clear me of acne for 2 months... However, after those acne free 2 months, it all came back again. My skin was seemingly more oily than ever, and my Hormonal Acne was back haunting my jawline. Lucky for me, I immediately got put on Accutane!!! I'm so happy to finally be put on this drug!. I w
  2. A little visual on my accutane journey, and how my skin changes.
  3. Hello folks! Say hello to my faux movember stache. lol I wouldn't dare grow one. Anyway. Month 2 on 200 mg of Minocycline is now over. Generally, my skin texture has improved. Mainly just a lot of scarring. There are definitely lesser freak-pore clogging and breakouts this month, and the bacteria and white heads are regulated. I definitely still feel like I get a new bump or two everyday though. My problem areas are still the same, and I feel are still hormone and stress induced. Its m
  4. totally understand your sentiments! I personally, am still trying to just accept the fact that i have acne and just have to continue on living life until it clears up. Its difficult but it shouldn't take control over me. I guess this is why these blogs are so helpful. To know that what we aren't alone in our struggles with esteem issues and confidence due to this pesky skin problem. More power to you, and i wish you the best in your progress!
  5. Hello again fellow acne sufferers, Its only been 4 days since my last post, but I've had massive progress with my skin, texture wise! My bad side has quickly smoothed out and my only problem now are the dark scars. My usual better side unfortunately has just 2-3 active lesions that are on their way to drying out. I attribute the progress to switching to an Acne cleanser, as opposed to just a gentle cleanser which i was previously using. In my last post i started using Clean & Clea
  6. wishing you the best!
  7. Hello Everyone! It's now Month 2 of my acne treatment. My Minocycline dosage has been upped to 200mg a day (one 100mg cap in the morning and night). My doctor has said that my skin has improved, now less angry cystic bumps on my jaw. However i did react badly to the Epiduo/ Tactuo topical Retinoid he gave me. He quickly told me to stop using it and stick on the Antibiotics for the rest of the month. He did say that if i didn't like the improvements this month, he's putting me on Accutane fo
  8. Thank you for the comment and feedback! Indeed i'm only on the 100mg a day of Mino and Tactuo. It has been a month now, and no improvement at all. In actuality, I have worse acne now than when I first decided to try approaching a doctor. Fairly discouraged, I don't know if its worth trying all these retinoids and such. -_-!
  9. I've Tried this product from La Roche Posay called Mela D that helps fade acne scarring and hyper pigmentation. I like it a lot.
  10. Thanks!! I'll definitely rough it out til i'm out of the Mino and the Tactuo tubes my doc gave me. Maybe then, I or he can pinpoint what my next step should be. ***I feel like i should just get on Accutane straight away tho. thoughts??
  11. I miss my skin from less than a year ago. = ( Hello Acne.ORG!! I decided to join this community so I could get feedback, and also educate myself with other people's experiences, as well as not feel alone with dealing with my acne. As acne sufferers, we all know how much of a constant struggle it is to regain our confidence about our skin and appearance. Today, It is my 18th day since I started Minocycline and Tactuo (Epiduo) treatments. Here is how my treatment has gone so far: Fir