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  1. I'm not familiar with any of the treatments. But I would consider yourself lucky. With mild scars like that, you should have no problem getting them fixed. Just make sure you do a ton of research before doing any procedures. And consult with numerous doctors so you can get some good advice.
  2. Thanks. About 6 months ago, when my acne started getting bad, I got a few cysts on cheek. I just left them alone, because they were so deep. They went away after about a month. With this nose one, I also got one on my cheeck. I picked at this one, and it went completely away, really quick. So I figured the same would happen to the nose one. Plus my mom had one on here nose a couple years ago, and she left in alone, and its still there. Really small, not not discolored, but still there.
  3. A absolutely HATE acne on the nose. I can stand it anywhere else, but the nose is jus the worst. The skin there is so delicate.
  4. what were they? black heads? How long ago did it happen. You might want to give it a few days to heal.
  5. How do you treat these? I had on the on tip of my nose, and I think I squeezed/picked it to death. The bumps gone, but underneath the layer of skin that is there, is a crater. When I push in on the skin, it indents. It's still not completely healed, so hopeully it will go away. How should I treat these in the future? I was afraid to just leave it alone because I thought the cyst would harden and I would have a permanent bump. But now I'm thinking, "whats more undesireable, a bump or a crat
  6. I've had moderate acne since I was about 13. I used to use oxy/clearasil pads up until about 6 months ago when they stopped working. I switched to bp, and noticed some nice results. I've had large, deep pimples in my life, but I have never scarred. My face broke out 2 weeks ago, and everything has since passed except for this one deep pimple I had on the end of my nose. For a week, the bp did nothing. So I tried to pop it. I wasn't completely successful, but I was able to drain it quite
  7. Well. its day 4, and most of the burning and itching AND discoloration has gone away. My skin is still dry as hell, but I can live with that. Yeah, I just checked my cleanser, Clearasil Daily FaceWash, Active ingredient: triclosan!!! Oops. Guess I`ll stop using that. Still havn`t gotten the moisturizer, but that should be coming any day, along with the cetaphil gentle cleanser. Thanks for your help everyone.
  8. here in japan, those oil wipe things are very popular, especially in the middle of class. One guy or girl will bring them out and pass them around to everyone. They`re disgusting afterwards. I don`t use them though. I`ve never had a problem with oil. What is the problem with oil anyways? Does your skin get so oily that it rolls off your face? or is it just that your skin is really shinny?
  9. I should be getting the moisturizer in the mail tonight. I don`t think I`m allergic to it, I think I just have very sensitive skin. Like if I scratch anywhere on my stomache or chest, just a light scrach, it turns bright red like 30 seconds later. Oh well. I stopped using it 2 days ago, and I wont start again until I`m completely healed. I really want to use it though, it completely cleared my acne in just 5 days!
  10. Ok, day two of hell. I didn`t sleep last night either, the burning and itching were just too much. Tonight, I`m gonna take 4 tylenol PMs before I go to bed. That might help. I`ve realized that I`m not allergic to BP. I know this because I puposely applied less bp to my forhead, and as a result, that area has not been burned. And the area that I applied the most BP to, just happened to be burned the worst. So, its not a rash that I have to blame for my discomfort, rather a first degree chemica
  11. Gaaah! I wanna rip my face off!!! Wahhh! Make the pain go away!! But hey, my skin is completely clear
  12. I started this regimin a week ago. I started with just a small amount of bp(2.5%). I would wash my face with clearasil daily face wash, wait until my face dried, then apply a small amount of bp to about 80% of my face. The first 3 days, I noticed a little drying, and just a little burning, but the thing that go me the most was the itching. I didn`t really notice the itching throughout the day, only when I would take a shower and wash my face. But these past few days have been horrible. I didn`