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  1. Quick question about the AHA+. So, two weeks ago, after about a month on The Regimen, I went ahead and started using the AHA+. At the onset, I was still breaking out in my two problem areas: around my mouth, chin, and jawline on my face, as well as on either side of my throat (but not so much the adams apple area). I know Dan recommended getting completely clear first, but I decided to give it a try. Anyway, today marks two weeks since starting on the AHA+ and my throat is nearly blemish-f
  2. bd89


    Hi, all! I've been oddly optimistic about my acne today, which is odd considering I'm in the middle of a breakout. This one may be caused by another irritation prone weekend. Anyway, I'm back again to talk about some stuff that has been on my mind. Again, questions I have are in bold--please respond if you have insight to share! So let me start off by saying that I might not be as far into the regimen as I previously thought. I'm definitely kicking myself for not documenting my start date
  3. Sigh, I'm pretty solidly in the 11-12-13 region. Hormones? Makes sense and doesn't all at the same time. I feel like I'm past the point in my life where hormones should be affecting me like this (23 y/o male), yet I'm pretty healthy and don't have any of the other issues listed for the other problem areas. Regardless, this is really interesting. Thanks for posting!
  4. bd89

    Take Two

    Hey guys! I've got tons of questions about the Regimen! No one answered my last one but I'm just going to keep on throwing them out there. Hopefully someone has an answer for at least one of them! They are in bold if you feel like skipping to them. This past weekend was awesome for me, but not so much for my face. I probably got around 7-9 total hours of sleep between Friday and Saturday nights (bad), drank entirely too much alcohol (bad), had major physical irritation on my face
  5. bd89

    What's Up!?

    Ahhhh my song of the day didn't embed! It looked good in the draft! Wonder what I did wrong. Well, here it is: Enjoy!
  6. bd89

    What's Up!?

    Hi, Everyone! I'm a 23 year-old male who has been on Dan's Regimen (correctly) for about 4.5 weeks. Looks like I've been missing out on this awesome community here at Acne.org, so I decided I'd start contributing with a blog of my own. While the focus obviously needs to be acne-related, I'm probably going to use this as a means to talk about other stuff that's on my mind as well. Please feel free to leave a comment about anything and everything! I'm about to embark on a long life story, a