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  1. Hey sofie, How are you doing? Sorry I couldnt manage to see your message. How is your acne? I am all clear since I left the accutane. Accutane has actually saved me and it did wonders for me, it changed my life and has given me hope. This is how I look now after 6 years of accutane.
  2. Hey Taners! My friend who referred me to this site rightly said, "you will never get back to the site once you finish off your course" and he was spot on. Just to let some of you know who are currently on accutane or planning to get on that I'm all cleared now, its almost 1 and a half year of post accutane and I never ever had any tiny little breakout since then. The spots are gone so are the after effects. If anyone of you wants any type of help regarding your course, I'm here to respond.
  3. 3 Months post accutane Alright, I just saw a post from Acne.org on facebook and thought that I should update my log coz only one thing will get you back to this forum that is acne on your face and thanks to accutane that I'm all cleared. It's great, nothing on my skin for 3 months of post accutane, every single sign of accutane has gone, no back pain. I'm living a happy life, partying, hanging out with full of confidence, taking photos (closeups) with my phone I wish all of you very be
  4. I didnt do anything with my red marks, they are gone now. Never used anything topical when i was on accutane. It is now ONE MONTH post accutane and I;m doing great, no breakouts, skin clearing up, complexion getting fairer, great stuff! Love you ACCUTANE!
  5. Hey, i just finished my 6 month course 2 days back and i lost hair during this treatment. Although no serious baldness on those specific areas you mentioned. But i did lost hair constantly during my 3rd-5th month but it slowed down from month 6, now I'm not losing hair that big and my derm says this will stop as soon as you stop taking accutane. Started accutane on october 3rd 2012. done with a 6 months course and I'm all cleared
  6. Ok here are the latest photographs of me dont i look happy and excited? yes i do, it was the toughest and the hardest treatment i went through, expecially first two months and then i started seeing improvements gradually and this is how it looks now.
  7. Hey people! I haven't posted for quite some time. Been busy with work n stuff and yeah didnt have anything special to share with you guys. But FINALLY!!!!! the journey has come to an end and I'm done with a 6 months course of isotretinoin yayyy!!! my skin looks amazing, haven't had any breakouts for past 3 months or may be more. The marks have also gone away, just very few of them remaining and will fade away. Accutane has literally cured my nodular and cystic acne. My lower back pain is also go
  8. I vaguely remember something from the Isotret pamphlet that said that in rare occurrences taking both can lead to increased cranial pressure. I'm pretty sure it only applies to taking long-term antibiotics and possibly only tetracyclines though. Nothing as such happened with me as I took azythrimycine for just 2 weeks and as soon as i got rid of my initial breakout I left that right away and continued the same amount of isotretinoin.
  9. I did get impatient in the very first month as I had a very bad initial breakout right in my first week. I kept on lurking myself on this forum to boost up my confidence. I kept on looking for success stories rather than side effects and horror stories of this medication which helped a lot to hang in there. I weigh 120lbs. One more thing i would like to suggest that STOP eating junk in your first month, eat healthy as much as you can. Though that cannot prevent you for the IB but once your body
  10. Patrick, I'm doing great with my skin. No new spots for ages now. Right now, the lower back pain is a worry for me. It is really bad and intense. Other than that, my skin is absolutely fine, no dryness, no new spots.
  11. True that, everytime i take my new photographs I feel much confident and satisfied. Though I'm still scared of going in front of mirror . Will do that when I'm all cleared and spotless. Yes, pretty much happy with the results so far. Although my lower back pain is still intense, no problems, nobody sees n feel my lower back pain All they see is improvements on my face day by day which really makes me happy and confident.
  12. Yes you can check out my log which has a complete progess photographs from day 1 to current. Here is the link. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/321237-27yo-male-started-accutane-today/
  13. Not much of scarring you have on your face. Your skin seems to be good if I compare to mine. I'm also into my 4th month and full of scarring and red marks. I'm also left with some deep pits. But the marks look to be improving gradually. They were dark purple 2 months back, then turned red and now dark pink. So what I see is the marks are changing colors and will fadeout by the end of my course.
  14. I was also told to eat fatty food while on accutane as it absorbs quickly with fats. But for the first month i ate healthy, fruits, vegs and some low carbs. I strongly agree to the comments which SanLosAng made. He is spot on. Just believe that this drug is the only cure for acne and this will definitly work for you. Forget about the scars and initial breakout, you already suffered this situation for quite sometime, so it is a matter of just 7-8 months and you will be all cleared. I'm into m
  15. How much do you weigh? I'm wondering that starting on a high dose will cause some serious initial breakouts and you also mentioned that your skin is already dry. So its gonna be super dry and flaky on this high dose for the first month. Well the initial breakout varies from person to person. It depends on how worse your acne was prior to accutane and what skin tone you already have (oily, dry or neutral). It also depends on what diet you are on while on accutane. I ate healthy when i started
  16. Accutane causes breakouts on very odd places where you never had anything prior to accutane. I had some breakouts under my armpits, on my legs and even in the head too, that sounds awkward lol. Let the crap come out and you will be all cleared in no time. Have patience and stay positive.
  17. DAY 109 The Lower back pain has gone calm. Nothing new on face. No breakouts for a month or so. This is so great feeling. I have never ever had a whole month this much calmer for past 10 years. I'm eating everything i want, not so junk but everything that i avoided and didnt want to eat which caused breakouts. Only two and a half months remaining, wow thats gone so fast. Feels like i started tane yesterday. Thats all to report for now. -fingers crossed-
  18. Thank you so much! What dose are you on now and how is your acne? I was on 20mg/day for the first month and was put on 40mg/day from second month. I brokeout so bad and i hated everything in the first month, dry dry dry and flaky skin, chapped lips, soreness. But once my body started to accept the drug, things went in right direction right from the second month. It is my 4th month and I'm all cleared now. You may want to follow my log. I have lots of photographs from pre accutane to current. he
  19. I started on 20mg/day and I started to see improvements in my second month, the whole first month was a mess. My acne got worse than ever in first month. Hang in there and you will see improvements very soon. Goodluck
  20. DAY 105 Ok, here are the new photos. Lots of improvements, red marks fading down. No Serious dryness, Intense lower back pain every other day.
  21. Woah!!!!!! I'm half way through. 3rd Month ended. Ahhh... Its been a month that I didnt post here. Probably the reason for not posting here was nothing new happened. But for past couple of days, my lower back pain is gone worse and intense. I cant bend down . Its painfull. But I'm still positive and lots of improvements in this month. My right cheek is clearing up so fast, the red marks and scars are fading. Left cheek has couple of embossed spots left from my IB. Chin and forehead is completely
  22. My IB started right after 1st week and lasted for 2 weeks. It was very horrible, I had lots of new whiteheads on forehead n chin and big cysts on my cheeks. It really is scary but theres no way to avoid the initial breakout. My skin was so oily and i didnt use any moisturiser for face or lips. I would suggest that dont use any moisturiser since you are already oily. Let the crap come out on the surface and you will be all clear in no time. Hang in there and stay positive. Goodluck
  23. Tane is indeed a life saver and it is currently my best friend I'm so excited to go out again with my friends and family without hiding my face. I hated those days when i didnt look at them while talking so they'd notice the shit on my face and suggest all those useless home remedies n diet changes etc. I'm waiting for the day when I'm all clear from marks n scars and i know thats not too far, only one day closer to clearer spotless skin -fingers crossed-
  24. Yes give it time, i brokeout exactly like you are now... I had huge cysts and my acne went worse than ever in the first 3 weeks, it started to improve in 4th week when i was put on antibiotics by my derm and that was a good idea. You may want to ask your derm to put you on antibiotics for a very short time. I was on Azithromycin 250mg for only 15 days and i didnt stop taking accutane during that period. You should keep on telling yourself that it will get worse before it gets better.. stay posit
  25. I had a very few marks before accutane and yes they are fading too. You can see the results, I have improved big time in the last 20 days. Just hang in there and stay positive, I hope you aren't breaking out as bad as i did (see pictures of my IB). I thought it is going to leave scars n pits on my face but how it went down so quick is incredible and I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements in the same way. Goodluck with your course.