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  1. To each his own right? Haha as a male I personally don't though. Maybe it's cuz I know the struggle and can empathize with another person fight these acne beasts. All in all, don't be discouraged if a guy thinks you are unattractive because of your acne. He isn't worth your time cuz imagine if you end up with the guy, he's prolly the type to notice every small imperfection and compare u to every other female who is more "perfect". I think society has brainwashed us through media and tabloi
  2. Hey mistertwo, Hope you are acne clear by now! Hope you actually get to read this and reply, but I was wondering if u ever had any problems after using doxycycline? I was on it last year for a month in april twice a day (60 capsules 100mg). After the course I noticed I started to breakout in pustular acne after eating foods that I had no problems with in the past.. have u had this problem? I've been lookin into the whole leaky gut/candida thing and tried antifungals and altering my diet to a v
  3. I also forgot to add that last november I saw a naturopath and she had me do a food sensitivity test (igG and igA) and it came back that I was strongly reacting to all dairy, blueberries, eggs, brewers and baker's yeast, coffee bean, and sesame seed. I avoided all those for three months like the naturopath told me to do. I also approached her about the whole possible candida issue (yeast overgrowth from the use of doxycycline) and she said it could be a possibility. So for three months I avoided
  4. so you took doxy for 1 month or 2 months? My dermatologist had me take doxycycline twice a day for a month (60caps total) from mid march to mid april of 2012. Oh have u been on doxycycline before starting this current round that you are taking? If so, have u noticed any allergies to foods that you've never had in the past? And yea I do a prescription for generic (tretinoin) retin-A that I have yet to try. I just haven't yet because i'm not convinced that this is necessarily acne based on th
  5. Hey all, Can anyone tell me if they had success with a round of doxycycline hyclate? For instance, after they came off the round of doxycycline, has their acne been much milder or disappeared completely without it causing more problems? The reason I ask is because last march (2012) I broke out in some crazy pustular acne which started out from hives (allergic reaction to peanuts <--- which i never had before in my life). I went to a dermatologist in april 2012. The dermatologist looked a
  6. whoartthou1: nah I only took antibiotics for about a month max. how are u coping with your leaky gut/candida? what active measures are u taking? any advice would help me too. akko: i've never even heard of nizoral. i'm going to have to look into that, did u ever take antibiotics? ljo: are u 100% cleared up after doing the elmination/paleo diet? green gables: I had no idea, but really good to know, i'm gonna do some more research on that ish. betterness24: haha yea i'm definitely sta
  7. hey LJO are you better now or are you still struggling through it? Yea i've been considering going on the paleo diet as I feel that it might be the best way to cleanse my system. whoartthou1: yea I basically took antibiotics for about 2-3 months. they were per 100mg capsules (im guessing mine were really strong), but my worthless dermatologist never told me that I should've been taking probiotics while I was taking the antibiotics. are u going through leaky gut/candida conditions too?
  8. awesome man, hope you beat this thing soon!
  9. hm I understand that, but I didn't have acne problems like this before I took those antibiotics in march which is why i'm trying to confirm if this is another root cause like leaky gut/candida =/
  10. aye dude, just as a heads up, you should definitely cut out the antibiotics soon or supplement with probiotics while u are taking antibiotics or you might end up like me with leaky gut because basically antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria in your gut lining. You need the good bacteria to keep your candida (yeast in the gut) in check so it doesn't overgrow. Yeast overgrowth is bad because it can eat away at your gut lining making your gut more permeable which would allow toxins come t
  11. you might have what I have because I've been clean for a good while, btw we're very similar in age, I turn 24 next month. I started breaking out more in the past few months. What kind of medication have you been taking? You may have leaky gut/candida causing your acne problem.
  12. Hey ladies and gents, I'm new to this forum as I just found out about this today. Just a forewarning, this is going to be a long post because i'm going to run through my medical/acne history, so if you guys can bare with me that would be awesome! I have a good amount of questions as well. Well to start off, i'm a male and 23 years old (going onto 24 next month). Thinking back to middle school and high school, my acne was never really severe, but I did have moderate acne up until freshman year