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  1. ITs a relief to find people who have the same problem I just posted a topic about this as well as i need solutions I know how you feel! I stopped picking for a good while, i was very happy with myslef and my skin and i felt beautiful. due to stress in the family i fell into the cycle again and it is horrible, one tiny bump and i can't stop thinking about it, i know that scratching makes it worse and you cause more damage and make more pop up but i cannot control myself. I used to have nigh
  2. Hello all I'm new here. I've been having alot of issues lately, when i was younger i had very bad Acne, through birth control and the use of Garnier i managed to control my skin after a while, but this lasted for about a year. I am now 21 and the acne has made a fierce comback I have alot of white heads and pimples, particularly down the sides of my face. I have picked alot and i know i'm not supposed to, but now this has left the area's red, as well as my cheeks, i suffer terribly from