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  1. Option 2..... never been in one but there have been a few girls that like me. Unfortunatly I either don't want to go near them or can't go near them because of circumstances... *sigh* missed a good chance a few weeks ago
  2. Neutrogena clear pore moisturiser....worked miracles for me for them things...
  3. just started using the Oxy 5% BP lotion stuff today instead of the panoxyl aquagel 5%... feels alot better, seems to be less irritating, goes on MUCH easier, but then again I;ve only been using it for 7 hours...... anyways time will tell
  4. i've also found that theres some red dye that seems to be completely immune to bleaching.... them cheap Cedarwood State tshirts are made from it
  5. gotta agree with what Guest said......pharmacy2u are really good... takes them 2 days to deliver internationally (well.....just across the sea to Ireland..... but that's still very quick)
  6. G - hopefully only a few more years of it to go......hopefully.....
  7. sun can cause skin cancer, AFAIK, skin cancer can kill and if ur dead, then who's gonna care what your skin looks like?
  8. which out of these is best at healing redmarks? salicylic acid, lactic acid, or something else? theyre the only things bothering me now, because ive only got 1 or 2 zits lurking around and almost no scarring. HHHHEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP
  9. ill do just that..... thanks
  10. hi, im not sure if im posting this in the right area of the forum but here goes... ive been using BP (5%) for about 3 months now with excellent results....a huge amount of acne has cleared up...... my problem is: on my right jaw the skin is perfectly smooth on the surface, but you can see small pink-ish spots that look like theyre about 1mm under the skin. is this acne, skin irritation, scarring or something completly different? thanks, andrew
  11. hi, ive noticed that wen using BP (5%), using Nivea for men (sorry girls) sensitive aftershave balm stops flaking dead in its tracks... as far as I can tell, it doesnt aggravate acne either (although it doesnt say "non-comedogenic" on the bottle) has anyone else tried this?