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  1. Hey everyone...since it's only my 2nd day on Accutane...should I start now using the sunscreen? And is it mainly the face I have to be extra strict with the sunscreen or all over the body???? Thx
  2. Hey...Im new to all this, never attended a "forum" before! Im 42yrs & am seeing the Dermatologist on Tuesday as my dr has recommended Rocutane...Ive had bad pimples since I was 26yrs but over the past 5 yrs have started getting cysts...yuk!! Ive become an addict at picking my face, so makes it much worse ): As a single mum & my kids are now all at school, Im too self-conscious to go for interviews & forget dating!!...My dr hasnt told me much about Rocutane, as ill discuss this with