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  1. YES!! Haha, Sometimes I'm a little bit of a jerk and I tell them to please avoid touching my face.. I'm not willing to have a bunch of cysts by mouth and chin after the dentist!!
  2. One side of my face is clear, while the other not so much. I'm just SUPER nervous because I'm going on a date with this 27 yo attractive funny guy tomorrow, and I met him online and he doesn't know that I have acne and holes in my face and a shit load of mental issues. Hmm.. that's going to be awkward. I really hope he's not going to be totally disgusted with my face. =(
  3. Ugh that's what got me!! I felt it on my skin. I totally relate to you with looking people in the eyes, it can be super terrifying! and haha, maybe that's why I'm so emotional latley.. it could be that time of the month soon D:
  4. Wow, Well. I officially hate acne. Does your acne ever cross your mind during inappropriate times like.. during sex? during a conversation, or maybe during your class presentation? Well, It happened to me. I was in Sociology presenting my presentation about the Self Looking Glass Self theory and BDD when all of a sudden the thought of my acne instantly zoomed into my mind. Before I could swat it out and continue with my speech, the thought stopped me mid sentance when I was speaking. I complet
  5. Even though I haven't been on my antipsychotic for well over a month because I can't afford it, I feel positive today. Maybe it's because for school I've been doing all these projects informing people on BDD and anti-bullying speeches, and it just makes me feel good. I feel like there's finally one thing that's kinda "me". You know? You know how people have got that one topic there smart about, like sports or cars. I'm knowledgeable about depressing shit like Body Dysmorphic Disorder! But it's i
  6. Personally, the only "social networking" site I go on is here, I really don't go on FB because it's a BDD attack. But, I find that other people are already posting pictures of their acne/face, why can't I? Sometimes it can be like "shit, do I really want people to see this.." But In a way I feel like people are seeing the real me, because for so long I've been ashamed of my acne. but since I've posted photos here, I've been learning to embrace this flaw. I also feel like it may help others, and
  7. my acne is staying the same, and i just don't know what to do anymore. you know what, a part of me doesn't even care anymore. I've been dealing with it so long my face is already scarred up, what's left to save? I've accepted that i'll never have beautiful skin, I guess i'll just stop stressing out about it.
  8. He's a wee bit emotionally unstable lol, but I think he only said those things out of anger. Glad he did leave, Phew! Loved the part where he said He deserved someone so much better than me, blah blah blah. I'm like, mhmm. You're right. buuuut relating it back to acne, forget what i said about clearing up, damn my skin, its breaking out more. you know the weird type of acne when it gets really hard and scratchy like you've been picking at it? But I haven't, soo it's really odd :/
  9. I just washed my face, and I'm happy to see that the left side is finally clearing up. Knock on wood. My right side, still painful. Feeling pretty crappy in general. I can't handle 2 rejections in 2 days lol. I went on that date, and technically I didn't deny him, just was honest, and he walked out on me, and then sent me a couple of texts and one of the texts said "whatever, you're ugly and a loser anyways" lol, I was like, no shit dude, we don't need to point out the obvious hurr, but what d
  10. hmm. i know i've had more than these two because i'm a pretty impulsive and easily frustrated person, but I used to try to pop my cyst with tweezers in the seventh grade D: horrible, i know!! what the hell was I thinking?? And then I also used to wash my face with toothpaste. It actually helped, but damn it left my face red and raw
  11. man, not a good night. 3 more cysts, and i've got a date tomorrow. my skin looks horrific. thinking about canceling. and, the guy from speed dating... rejected me. i give up. i'm starting to think at this point i should just have cats. they'll love me unconditionally, cuddle with me, and won't care about my acne =)
  12. Hey Everyone!=) I'm doing a speech for my sociology class called The Dark side of the Looking Glass Theory: The Parallelisms between the theory and Body Dysmorphic Disorder Basically it's about how our interactions with others (particularly negative) affect the way we see ourselves and is a social result of our issue. I'd love if you could PM me a certain instance (verbal or non verbal) where you had a negative interaction with someone/people and it really affected the way you saw yourself.
  13. nothing like doing a long essay on cults..

  14. You are so gorgeous, I didn't even notice your acne in your pictures, I just saw how beautiful you are. You look better than me naturally and with makeup! Lol. ) So my acne has gotten better and also worse this month. I have many, many, many scars which make my complexion look just as bad as if there were still acne there. I do have a lot of active acne though, I have maybe 3 cysts and a lot of smaller red zit like pimples. I continuously think of my acne 24/7, therefore it makes it hard to b