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  1. thank you!! i just want clear skin already. i can definitely relate to you how depressing it becomes when the purging process is at its worst (in my case cause of diane its been going for months now). i wish you the best of luck with the regimen. i gave it a try in the past, it did help my acne, but it caused me to become unbelievably dry no matter what moisturizer i tried, and my face just looked very unhealthy, but i can definitely say it works! and i have very severe stubborn cystic acne so t
  2. I began taking spiro in mid september of 2012, though it seemed to have taken forever within 3 months on spiro I began seeing pretty decent results. my skin was slowly clearing up however in january i came off spiro as i was still getting some bumps every now and then, i also changed doctors who told me spiro was not a safe long term solution for my acne. i was then put on diane 35 and within the first 2 months on diane i saw my face at its worst. i literally would not leave my house. i have now
  3. I have been on spiro for 7 weeks. I experienced a horrible initial breakout in the first 4 weeks but began to clear up after. It is now the end of 7th week which means I'm already into my second month and I'm back to getting more cysts. I know people say that spiro does not show visible results until 4-6 months but being on a medication for 7 weeks now and still no progress is just making me want to cry every time I look into the mirror.
  4. Yep. My derm told me to do that anyway, and I haven't experienced any problems taking my dose all at once or earlier in the afternoon. I guess I'll start doing that tomorrow and hopefully I can fall asleep again! Thanks!!!
  5. Has anyone else experienced trouble falling asleep during the time they took spiro? I've been on spiro for 3 weeks now, and only a week ago my dose was pushed from 50mg to 100mg and this entire week I have been struggling to fall asleep more then ever before
  6. Hey everyone, I like a lot of other people was lurking around this site for quite a while now and finally decided to make an account. I have been dealing with acne since I was 11 years old. I am now 20 and my acne is at its worst and completely ruined my life. My acne started off very minor and I was able to get it in control with a benzoyl peroxide/erythromycin topical from my doctor. Throughout most of high school my skin was fairly clear with occasional flare ups but nothing crazy. Towards th