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  1. Hi, Leon! I was looking for the exact same thing. I called both numbers that popped up as providers, and one of them didn't seem to know anything about smoothbeam (which I thought was werid), and the other charges $375 per treatment if I remember correctly. The doctor's name is Dr. William Featherson. I looked up the one without contact info in the phone book, and the number for that one is 972-542-9998. The lady who conducts the procedure at this place is Judith Graver. As for pricing, this
  2. In my other post, hormonal acne, I was inquiring as to whether an increased amount of intense exercise may be the cause of my sudden breakouts. I began to think of other changes that may have occured which may have caused this, and realized that around this time, I also broke up with my boyfriend whom I was very attached too. This caused my eating habits to spiral out of control. Previously to this, I had been on a fairly strict, healthy diet, and when the break-up occured, I dealt with it by ea
  3. Hi, Goldman. Wow, two years is a long time! Here I am complaining about 6 months. If mine continues for two years, I don't know what I'll do! I know exactly how you feel about not wanting to go out sometimes, this happens to me too. I have a friend who has beautiful skin but complains about her freckles, and I hate her for it! Not really, but I am so jealous that she has practically never had a pimple in her entire life and she does nothing to her face. I used to be that way too, but not anym
  4. Hi everyone! I have been reading the boards for a while now, and finally decided to jump in and post because I am more than fed up with my skin. First of all, my face was flawless all throughout my teen years- I was constantly getting comments on how pretty my skin was. Sadly, those days are gone . Now that I'm 19, my face is constantly breaking out, not to mention all of the red marks left from past flare-ups. The acne isn't too severe, I almost feel like I'm being vain for getting so ups