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  1. So my doctor doesn't want to refer me to an endocrinologist but she did have me take a blood test. I'm guessing all hormones are in "normal" range because she didn't contact me. She told me that she would contact me if there was anything wrong. Here are the results: DHEA-S 266 Prolactin 24 TESTOSTERONE, ULTRASENSITIVE, LC MS/MS 19 Testosterone free 3.2 17-hydroxyprogesterone 37 I'm still going to try Vitamin D and spearmint later on. I've been drinking ACV and i think it is helping with my
  2. hearts--Thanks for the article and suggestions. I am interested in Vitamin D. I've heard a lot of success stories for it. What i fear of is for it to either stop working if it does help me or when i decide to get pregnant in the future..i know i'm thinking too far ahead but hopefully i'll find something that would work with me. My period just started, so i'm looking out for a break out. I believe that when girls start spotting is when your body releases testosterone because you're not pregna
  3. kelseylee--Thanks for the encouragement I'm trying to stay strong, but it's hard because i'm a week from my period and my hormones are going crazy which results in a huge breakout. I can't do anything at all. I really think a therapist would help me, but i'm just not so excited about going out and putting on make up. I've been to a naturopath before and she was sort of counseling me through my anxiety, but it barely helped because she knew little to nothing about acne...not to mention it cost a
  4. Hey there! For the red marks, i would try some aloe gel! or if you can't find that, there is a gel called mederma which is made specifically for scars. Hope everything is going well and thanks for keeping us update
  5. Sounds like your skin might be dehydrated. You might be over-washing your face. Oily skin has to do with hormones, but your skin might be irritated from all the washing. NEVER use hot water to wash your face because it dries it out and irritates your skin. What do you use to wash your face and what moisturizer do you use?
  6. Well, my hormones are out of whack and everything i research is frustrating and stressful. I don't have money for an actual hormone test without the insurance coverage and when i did ask my gynecologist to test my hormones, she said that hormones are tricky and it really hard to tell if your hormones are imbalanced because every's hormones are different. I am pretty sure i have some kind of hormone imbalance but i'm not sure which is it? I read a bunch of stuff and i just keep on going in circle
  7. I definitely did the same and tried everything else before attempting a harsher approach. Can you tell a big difference when you change your diet? I really hope you have more luck than me! Just remember not to push it off too long because now I'm left with some unnecessary scarring The mask does help keep some little pimples at bay, but overall it reduce redness and makes my face feel fresh and clean. My face continues to better with each day, so I hope this is a turn for the better! I'll
  8. That's just how the world is. Money makes the world go round but there are some people/professionals/dermatologist who genuinely care and want to help!
  9. Shouldn't the Jojoba oil help with dryness if you are using it? I think you should use a bigger amount of moisturizer instead of using it 10 times a day. It seems like it would clog your pores if you would moisturize 10 times a day, but if your skin is really dry, i would very gently exfoliate it with a cloth then use one jojoba oil and moisturize.
  10. I heard Saw Palmetto help for guys. Have you heard of that? I've tried washing with oatmeal before, it actually made my skin more irritated and sensitive(weird it supposed to be soothing) . Have you tried BP or any other medications? Right now, i am just using a simple cleanser and a moisturizer. No topical or medication. I have a few things in my list that i want to try out such as Yogi detox tea, Apple Cider Vinegar toner, Witch Hazel, Diet and lifestyle(when i see my holistic doc), a DIY
  11. Yeah, i am considering spiro but i'm not really interested in topical treatments.because i had a really really bad experience with topical treatments I get that accutane can work for many people and transform their skin into "beautiful accutane skin" but the side effect are serious. I'm just concerned about how it will effect you mentally. Someone did post that it will make your psychological issues go away due to the fact that you are clearing up, but some people can develop psychological prob
  12. I was also scared that it would get worse before it bettered, but I decided to take that risk. I gave up hoping that it would go away on it's own and gave the medication a chance. I really hope you can fix it with natural medication as well! Do you know what sort of treatments you're going to try? Let me know how that goes Yup, I use it almost everyday, but try not to exfoliate too intensively. I like to let me skin breathe as much as possible, so I wear make-up occasionally. I wear Mac
  13. Who told you that moisturizing help with blackheads? Lol put the knife down and try a clay mask(Aztec healing clay) or exfoliating!
  14. Haha, thanks! I have definitely noticed a decrease in oil production. My face would be shiny and icky halfway through the day, but now I feel no need to make a bathroom trip just to sop off the oils. My advice to you is, don't wait. I was also afraid (and still am), but it's best to be proactive. I am new to this treatment, so complications may surface in the future, but I'm trying to think positively. Good luck and I hope spiro works for you! I'm just terrified that it may cause cystic
  15. For the record, my index finger and ring finger are exactly the same, which supposedly means I should have average heterosexual female hormone levels. However spironolactone helped my acne when nothing else would. Info from this article: http://www.viewzone.com/fingers.html Interesting...i guess i'll need an actual hormone test to determine if i have high levels of testosterone. I may be considering spironolactone which my derm prescribed to me, but i'm too scared to use it because of the i