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    Love sport so much. Football, or soccer to you americans :P is my fav.
  1. JamieM101

    My Roaccutane Journey Day 6

    Hello. I had literally exactly the same thing when I started roaccutane about a week in. I could barely sleep my head was so itchy but i bought some head and shoulders itchy scalp care and it went away in about two days and I havent had a problem since. Heres a link to the one i got... http://www.boots.com/en/Head-Shoulders-shampoo-itchy-scalp-500ml_1106423/ So yeh would definately give it a go or look for something like it. Good luck
  2. JamieM101

    Week 8

    Yeh same its nothing to much yet to stop any activity. And yeh walking around just looks like im crying but gunna try some eye drops so will keep you posted. Do you take or know whether its okay to be taking protein supplements after working out?
  3. JamieM101

    Week 8

    Hello So ive been on 60mg a day (im 82kg) and already feeling the effects. On the acne side I seemed to breakout again but now things seem to be calming down. ive got about 1-2 active spots on my face and a pile of red marks which will obviously take a while to fade. The side effects have got quite bad. My eyes seems to be one of the main problems. They are so unbelievably dry all the time i cant even walk without my eyes starting to water and they are always red and bloodshot. Also ive no
  4. JamieM101

    Week 7

    So I am actually on week 7 now....a live update I had my appointment with my doctor and I am now on 60mg a day. Since starting it looks like my luck/improvement was very short lived. I have literally broken out AGAIN bringing all happiness to an end. But yeh still trying to look on the bright side. Im even getting spots of my forehead where I never usually get them so yeh low times. Now im looking at other things like diet even though my diet is not bad at the moment. Gunna try go very lo
  5. JamieM101

    Week 6

    Havent been on as I have been busy with work but just gunna do week 6 from memory. After having IB which seemed to go on forever it finally seemed to calm down a bit which was good news. I had really suffered with it since being on the treatment and was doubtful but just kept taking them. Ermm skin still very red and marks are still there but number of active spots was down to 1 or 2. So yeh not to much more. Thanks.
  6. JamieM101

    Starting From Week 5

    Cheers nbkyrww, it sucks doesnt it! And even when the spots go down I get really red marks. Oh well had a blood test today and got follow up appointment in 10 days so hopefully I can up dosage and it start working. Been 5 weeks now and all ive seen is it get worse.....demoralising amoxilworx - I havent got a clue sorry
  7. Ive got to go to a uni open day on the weekend and broken out like crazy :(

    1. JamieM101

      Starting From Week 5

      Hi, starting this blog a little late at week 5, better late than never though I guess. Little bit about me - 18 years old and live in England. Love to play sport, mainly football but also love tennis, golf and badminton. Im on a gap year at the moment and hope to go to America to work in a summer camp before going to uni. In terms of acne ive been or various antibiotics which i found did nothing. so now on accutane. In the last 5 weeks - since when i started on 40mg per day (0.5mg per kg)
    2. JamieM101

      Day 3

      Heyy, just seen this while looking for answers myself. Hope you are okay and doing well with the accutane. I have been on it for about 4 and a half weeks now and am suffering badly from IB but it sounds like you might be one of the lucky ones that dont get it Just got to try stay positive and keep the image of clear skin in a few months! GOOD LUCK and remember your gunna beat it not let it beat you!