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  1. Closing in day 6, has to be 43535th time. Just once over 20 days, weak willpower.
  2. Disapointting as i got two huge pimples around my mouth, they were so small yesterday... now very red and swollen, these are the ones you gotta squeeze after pain goes away, if i dont, they leave even worse red mark. My diet has been poor lately tho, i was eating much healthier 1,5 months back and i didnt get any painful and very red pimples. Food definitely plays part, but its extremely hard to stay on healthy one. I just have to go back eating healthier, i dont wanna get these ugly pimples
  3. Good job man!. Get to two weeks!....apparently it gets "easier" after that... Record is 28 days and no it doesnt really get easier at any point, its up and down battle. Day 8 atm.
  4. Closing in DAy 6. Tough past weeks, couldnt get it past day 3, that rarely happens. Its pathetic effort not been able to do so, so i didnt post until i could get it past day 5.
  5. Been failing left and right past week, gotta regroup now. Day 1... facepalm. I got it over 25 days and now i cant even get past 2. These failures have resulted 3 discusting pimples around my mouth, i have not been getting these kind of pimples over 3,5 months.
  6. Failed Day 27 last time... Now its Day 8.
  7. day 26 past 2 weeks pimple free,but today i got few really small painless ones both of my cheeks. Drinking also only water, no more sugary juices. I was gluten free diet/No milk diet for 2,5 months, but i didnt really notice much differences, and gluten free products tastes like shit, it takes alot willpower to eat it that long if you dont have coeliac disease.
  8. Day 25 - was on vacation, thats why not been posting. I was close to failing, but managed to overcome, i dont think im able to hold it much longer, its very very tough.
  9. day 18 - another tough day, but i really dont want so start it all over again just because one minute pleasure. Has to keep going.
  10. day 17 - only 2nd tough day during this period, but survived again.
  11. day 15 we two are only ones left and everyone else gave up? XD
  12. day 14 - smooth sailing, great control over urges when i have them, 30 days should be piece of cake. record is beaten, last record was 13 days.